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Writing between tears falling down my cheeks…

I got up feeling so sad today… and up tight…

I don’t like that feeling… My body just lets me know… I am not at PEACE!…

I even took one of my pills that calms me to a certain extent… Which I seldom do!…

I went along with my usual business… but, when I came home… I always check in with my FACEBOOK friends and then my BLOGGING friends…

It’s like talking to them every day…

I always check on Terry…a blogging friend from Indiana


Terry…when we visited!

She was a caretaker to her brother Al…who has suffered with MSA (Parkinson’s)… for many years…

I even felt compelled to visit them… a few years back…

A four-hour trip to visit strangers…

But, as my husband and I met at Al’s favorite place to eat


… we seemed to have known each other forever…

Terry has written her blog and kept all of us who follow her… informed of her daily life with her brother…

TODAY… Al has met the Angels… as she put it…


Al when we met …


He succumbed to leaving this Earth and was greeted I’m sure by a host of loving relatives and Jesus!…

I cannot fathom her broken heart at this time…

The love she shared was awesome…

I have to keep wiping my own face just to express to you… how wonderful this chapter in my life has been… given a chance to meet such a devoted person…

I doubt that I can attend the funeral… but, so would like to…

I will keep up with Terry… and try to be there for her… comforting her through our blogging world…

Maybe we can even meet again in the future… and have a fun day to shop at our favorite pastime of thrift store shopping…

We all knew the time was getting short for Al… but, to read it… was just like taking the air out of my chest!… My heart hurts!… as if I had known this dear person… all of my life…

Be of Peace Al in your new home… enjoying all of your Coca Cola collectibles to your heart’s content!… God Bless! mpMNNFsfmotO3wCcE_K00kg

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Comments on: "Coca Cola Guy Is In Heaven!" (8)

  1. […] To Remember instead.  It works well because this is actually a recommendation from fellow blogger, Marilyn at MKG-Memories-Keepsakes-Gifts and I had just watched Sleepless in Seattle the night before (which I will review next week when […]

  2. Oh, that is so sad. I have read some of Terry’s blog and would like to pass on my condolences. Terry has been a remarkable sister. Love to you too in your sadness.

    • yes…met Terry on here…and my husband and I went to visit for a few hours…as I said…
      We made it a short trip for us…and enjoyed it immensely…Never had done anything like that!…Just going to see perfect strangers…but, felt led!

  3. The services are over and my heart is laying on the floor crushed, but he is resting, no longer in pain. He never forgot you. He spoke of you often. Hugs my dear friend. We shall meet again

  4. So sorry to hear of your friend’s loss, and for yours! I hope you will both find peace! ~ Sheila

    • I began reading Terry’s blog about her brother…with Parkinsons…I guess because of working with Special Kids all of my working days…We met and have stayed in touch…at the end …it was so hard!…

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