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Finish This #12


1. I know it’s a little weird but…

I hate wearing shoes


I sleep with the cover over my head…



I rather find an “old” something and redo it… than purchase brand new…

I have to keep a calendar with all of my things to do on it!



2. When stopped at a stoplight, I…

fiddle with my hairx24614260

I look all around me wondering about the people I see…

I can’t be still… I will fiddle with something… purse… phone… drink…

3. My guilty pleasure is…

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard from Dairy Queen…



Chips and dip…


4. My favorite way to unwind…

sitting at my computer reading or writing…

making something artsy…painting…

talking to husband when no one else is around…

watching my cats play…



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Comments on: "Finish This #12" (7)

  1. I love the cats playing.

  2. Cats and ice cream and covers over the head. My kinda gal :)

  3. I sleep with the cover over my head too…some security thing I have, I guess. Funny that you do that too! ~ Sheila

  4. My cat just lays around. He is not active at all like your cats. It took me awhile to catch up on your blogs. Now Easter is 17 days away and my house is still the same old dull place.

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