A New Year Begins

Well, my Grandchildren have left for home…after spending New Years at Grandma and Poppy’s…we had a very nice time at my son and daughter-in-law’s home with my daughter-in-law’s parents and some friends of my kids…we played dance WI ,  ate good snacks and toasted in the NewYear…after a trip to McDonald’s for breakfast, watching a cute movie on TV, Mom and Dad and their dog, Wickett,  picked up the kids with plans already made for the day…to be young again and have the energy…

as I have stated I will continue my story about  “My Kids”…

After working for South Central Bell for 6 years as a long distance operator and then as an information operator…I decided to stay home with my children…felt they needed me at home…I never really regretted that decision…it seemed a must at that time…of course money was always short and my Bobby trying to have his own business…He was doing good,but working so hard all the time, cold weather the worst time…working on fork lift trucks in sub-zero weather during the winter…so I decided to go back to work… a “Burger Queen” at that time in our neighborhood…

After volunteering to do Art work at my son’s Elementary School and PTA helping, the principal of their school called me at work and asked if I would like a job as a Teacher Assistant in an “EMH” class???  “EMH” was just the beginning of a group of initials I became aware of after that…EMHmeaning, “Educable Mentally Handicapped”…which are kids with some small learning disabilities that needed some extra help…I jumped at the chance!…I had always wanted to teach and could never afford college and at the time I graduated we were just supposed to get a job, get married and have at least 2 children…I followed the rules explicitly… So, after calling Bobby, resigning from Burger Queen…Istarted to work at Cora l Ridge Elementary School…of course after a taste of the school setting…I was hooked!  They had me doing all of the bulletin boards because I do have some “GOD Given” Art Talent……because I had no formal training…Of course I helped the students individually with reading, math and other subjects…I still see a student that was in that class around our area where we live…and he has been married to the same sweet girl who I later met and they have a nice little family…I guess that was my first experience of really having an influence on someone’s life…”It Felt Good!”…I worked there  for 6 months and that position was terminated…no more funding…that was when I learned about Government Subsidized Funding…during the summer, as you know… “School Employees” get summers off….I wondered what I would do for a job…and just before school started I received a phone call…


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