Another Quiet Day

I have been blessed to be able to retire and stay home with my family…we can’t do all we want due to lack of funds…but, what we can do ,we enjoy immensely… little things become big…eating a hamburger seems like steak, seeing our Grand Children   is like a glimpse of  Heaven, finding a bargain at the thrift store can redo a room and boost your spirits…Oh, how I wish I could teach others the gift of finding a bargain, making something work, how God provides in such unique and unexpected ways…I’m made fun of at times…but, that’s OK…I’m true to myself…that’s important…for instance, I found a little rug for my Grandson’s room today at the thrift store…it has all kinds  of trucks on it    …which will match his room perfect…you see I painted fork lift trucks, buildings in progress of being built, roads with signs and cones, a man drilling, his own Construction Building Sign with his name on it, and of course “Dirt”…he says he just needs a man using a jack hammer and it would be complete!  You see, he and a little friend spilt Bright Blue paint on his carpet…the more Mom tried to get it out…it grew, and grew…so her wonderful idea was…”cover it up” with a throw rug…so when I found the rug…just perfect!”…Isaid, “thank you Lord”…which I always do…HE  helps me from the smallest to the biggest tasks…


Now for “MY KIDS”…

As I left off with how “Special” I am, ha, ha!…I will relate a few incidences from working at this Elementary School…wow! did I ever learn a lot about children who have Behavior problems…It’s funny…I just remembered one of the kids names…I really liked him!…but, others had stood out a lot more…why??? Because they bring attention to themselves…they disrupt the class, pick on others, say ugly words, refuse to do the most easy of tasks…I learned one of the students was unable to read…6th Grade and couldn’t read a word…passing him all the while…so after receiving him in our class, we had to work on things that should have been addressed in earlier years…He was an OK kid, but so insecure about his inadequacies, that his behavior was notrocious!…as you work with these students, you have to look at their home life…not always the problem, but usually contributes…and then you have to look at a physical issue or mental issue…Why? couldn’t this child read? We would have to pursue that and all other issues in a 5- 1/2 hour day…along with addressing the issues of all the other children in the room…I’m wanting you to get a picture of what it’s like in a classroom …thank goodness we were limited to the number of children we could have in a room and with an Assistant like myself…regular teachers have over 30 students with no assistance and some of the same problems with children that has not been discovered or diagnosed…I send Blessings to them all the time…for the job they do…



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