“Just Around the Corner”

It was a pretty day today…warm, sunny, no coat weather…Bobby washed his truck…I went shopping for awhile…after I got home I fixed us some lunch and made coffee for my Bobby…his favorite beverage cold weather or hot weather…doesn’t make any difference to him…I prefer very cold drinks…and ice cream in the winter when it’s freezing, even more than summer… so we’re both a little unusual with our likes…Bobby had went outside to his favorite spot…the swing under the tree  near our deck…he can sit there for hours…just relaxing and drinking his coffee…I joined him…I can peek out of my kitchen window   and see the chain moving …I know he’s in the swing!...for some reason that makes me happy…as I came out of the house our little neighbor   was talking to Bobby and wondering where I was…this is why I love warm weather…getting outside, talking to the neighbors…catching up on each others activities and news…I almost went back in the house to finish something when he said,”I like you here”…I just loved that…so simple but, meant so much…that’s my Bobby…My neighbor has given me numerous flower bulbs her sister sends to her in the fall…she shares her flowers and I share my cookie baking with her…we both looked to see if they were coming through the dirt…yes, a few are pushing through…I love watching them grow…inch by inch…faster as the air and earth warms…starting as green shoots, then a few leaves, then a bud and finally after a month they open up and a flower appears…how wonderful!…I have tried to plant flowers and plants that will come up year after year…some have really taken hold and others are still trying…I’ve been given plants, I’ve bought plants, I’ve transplanted plants from other’s yards and I have a rose that has been at 4 different residences…and still comes to life and blooms each spring…We plan on working in the yard tomorrow with the temperature getting near 75 degrees…maybe I’ll find another little plant peeking out letting me know  is just around the corner!


Our students loved the warm weather just like us…no more coats…no more runny noses, no more waiting for the school bus in the cold…We tried to go on a few field trips as soon as it got warm…our first one was to Camp Crooked Creek   near Bernheim Forest  , we sure liked going there…just as at our homes and school the flowers were beginning to peek out, the trees were turning green with  new leaves, the water  was so clear and sparkly with the sun shining on it …the fresh smells of outside just made us feel good…we did a lot of activities bow and arrow, BB Gun shooting at targets, rafting, canoeing , and pontoon boat riding…we made some type of craft, had our faces painted   with our favorite team insignia or maybe a cute flower or butterfly…we ate outside sometimes after saving picnic tables as soon as we got there…some of the kids hiked   and returned with a story or two about what they had seen…which was sometimes a deer…just as the warm weather opened up the buds on the flowers I saw our kids opening up like they had been asleep for along winter’s night…so happy, so carefree,  running and trying out everything that was offered, greeting people they knew from past years…they were coming to life just like my little plants…letting us know that Spring was just around the corner!

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