“What Makes a Wonderful Day?”

 Today we did get outside and work in the yard a little…my body feels like we did a lot!…I used the leaf blower   to blow out the dried dead leaves from around the shrubs and what were in the yard…we just did the front…enough for one day…Bobby raked    and picked up with my son’s help…I love the leaf blower…what a trick…makes for much quicker cleanup…but it got me in my back   a little…maybe even more than I know…I’ll see how I feel tomorrow…everyone says you will feel aches and pains about 3 days after strenuous activty…or a fall  …I just know it takes a much shorter time to feel aches and pains the older I get…I love getting outside though…it makes me feel so much more alive…I feel like doing more …and my mind   is so much clearer…so as long as the weather holds out I will try to get some fresh air every day…We went out for a while later and passed Iroquois Park where we saw groups of boys playing basketball  …and other people walking  …later in the summer the sprinklers will be turned on and the park will be full of kids, parents and even their dogs…I love that the park is used so much…the ampitheater  is there,where we go and watch movies in the summertime under the stars  …they’ve rebuilt the picnic shelter called “Sunnyhill Pavillion” on top of the hill where we’ve walked so many times…you see people playing Frisby …walking, running , bicycling  or just sitting at a picnic table eating or reading …some are young, some are middle-aged and some are old…what a terrific place that all ages can come together and enjoy a wonderful day!


We took our students to various parks  in all the years I worked …Iroquois was one of them… this was when we went pumpkin shopping in the Fall …we would call ahead and find a good price at a Fruit Stand or Market… and then the kids could pick out their own pumpkin to decorate back at school and eventually take them home for Halloween…The kids loved going to the park afterwards since it was close…they ate lunch on the picnic tables and then played on the swings, climbing equipment and sliding boards  … Then there was DesPresPark…we went there with the team of students we were attached to at TJ… it was a day to eat our sack lunches we brought, play basketball  , play on the playground equipment, take walks or just sit and talk  …as Assistants we took turns going with a group at a time to different areas of the park…we always kept an eye on all of them…we wanted them to be safe…we really didn’t have to worry about that too much, because most stayed by our sides so close we would bump into them on occasion…and then others were more independent…so a little distance was given to them…Then we would also walk to a Park down from school that was behind the Fire Department…just a long enough walk for a little exercise…there we ate again our sack  lunches, the kids played games that the teachers had organized with teams  , basketball was always an option, the play ground equipment of course and even a scavenger hunt at times…we even had Karaoke set up once…One of my favorites was Camp Taylor Park…this was where we went after viewing the Derby Floats   downtown…no sack lunch this time!…we went across the street and bought hamburgers, cheeseburgers and fries for all…we brought them back to eat on the picnic tables…we would bring a cooler of drinks and we always baked brownies in our Bake Shop to bring for dessert…we would leave tired and a little dirty but, glad we had all been together  and enjoyed a wonderful day!

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