“Around and Around We Go!”

Today we went the Roller Skating Rink   for Carson’s Birthday…his birthday was last weekend but, the skating rink was open today for parties…there were going to be 6 Birthday Celebrations today at this skating rink… As we arrived people were waiting to get in…lots of people …all ages…The Mom’s were let in first to bring in their cakes or cupcakes …all were store-bought …but, I had been chosen to make a homemade “Roller Skate” cakeout of cupcakes…I had made one before so I had the idea…it had to have “RED” somewhere on the skate…Carson’s favorite color…so the “Skate Cake” had red wheels and shoestring eyelets…It turned out cute…I made the “Birthday Boy” a special cupcake and put his picture  on it…He really liked that!…They skated for about an hour until the party room was available…there are two rooms, so each Birthday Group is assigned a certain time…I love watching all the kids skating..some can skate at 4 years old…and some have never been on skates…the rail going around the rink is pretty busy with all the little new skaters holding on for “Dear Life”...sometimes they take a chance and let go for a few seconds…Believe it or not, I do remember my first roller skating experience in Elementary School…I was a brand new skater that was on the wall or rail all the time…and sometimes on the floor…never had skates on in my life…I was quite embarrassed but, I recall how my classmates were so encouraging…how sweet was that! …After that experience my Mom bought me a pair of skates and I practiced for a long time going up and down our drive way…I was determined to learn…So when our class went again to the skating rink I could stay up and skate around without holding onto the wall or rail…I was so proud…and I remember how the kids were so surprised and glad for me that I had learned…Now, my Granddaughters can skate… especially the 16 year old…and the Birthday Boy, Carson…is still learning…holding onto the rail or holding onto big sister’s hand…but, all I saw were smiles on all those cute faces!…isn’t it neat that skating on some wheels around in a circle can make Birthday Parties so great!


My “Kids” at school had to try a lot of new things…some were easy for them and some were hard…life is like that…ups and downs, easy and hard, happy and sad …One of the most important lessons I have learned is that we wouldn’t know how “happy” felt if we didn’t experience some sadness, we wouldn’t know the joy of “accomplishment”  if we didn’t work so hard to learn something…there are always going to be opposites…without opposites we would have nothing to compare to…so I’m always thankful   for “ALL” the experiences in my life…because they have kept me grounded for one thing…and it makes me appreciative of all things, feelings, and experiences I have…As our student’s were learning new things…such as a new math problem, a new group of spelling words, a behavior that needed to be worked on…we tried to encourage and be glad for them when a new challenge was met…we have had students learn to tie their shoes, learn to stay in their seat and raise their hand to ask a question, play with the other kids in gym class, some even played on the TJMS – JCAP basketball  team…some were cheerleaders  for a few games with the regular cheerleaders…these things may seem small  , but they were very challenging for our students…but, they were determined and when they learned they were so proud…Others may have been surprised at their accomplishmenrts…but, they were also so glad for them… at times our students probably felt like they were going around and around as skaters do on a skating rink…but it sure made for some great big smiles on all their cute faces!

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