“Give Us Time…”

I’ve run  way too much today!…Bobby asked me to get a tire repaired on my car as we call it…He had other obligations…so I felt I really needed to help him out…our back right tire kept losing air…so down to Wal-Mart I went…met a nice lady, she took my information …told me to go shop and it would be ready in about 1/2 hour…I couldn’t believe it!…No way was this happening…in and out in 30 minutes…with all my shopping done too…I waited for them to call me on the loud-speaker to tell me the tire couldn’t be fixed…that I would have to purchase a new one  …I listened and listened…guess what? …I never heard them call for me…and I got a lot of shopping done…so I decided to go back to the repair department   and check on how it was coming…the tire was already repaired, the tire could be fixed…and they even checked out all my stuff that I had found while waiting…They were extremely polite and I was really impressed…Why was I so skeptical ??? …Why did I not believe the lady when she told me in 30 minutes it would be done ??? I even hesitated to ask if they would check out my other things…Why ???…I guess my Faith in others has dwindled …even though I try to have patience, I try to give people an extra chance, I try to be considerate…I try not to criticize…I even tell people what a good job they are doing when I see it…but, that “Faith” in others is just not like it used to be…I think we hear so much negative stuff on TV…News is all there is on most of the time…and most of it is not encouraging…Everyone seems so miserable…so impatient…so disheartened…no wonder my Faith in other people has diminished  …This incident today really got me thinking…I’m the first to tell anyone, be positive, have faith, don’t be so critical, just give them time… Oh, my…”Just Give Them Time”…I heard that many , many years ago…in a church we were attending…but, the voice I heard said,”Give her time!”…and I will always believe it was Jesus sent to be in my heart that day…His voice still resonates through my body when I think of that awesome day  …You won’t change my mind…I know it was real…and from that day I have tried to live as I was told to do…So I will regroup which we have to do so many times in this world we live in…and try my best to have more Faith in the people I meet every day…Thanks Wal-Mart lady …you have no idea the impact you had on me in that small amount of time



As I would go into the classroom every day…I would know it was a new day  …a day that was brand new  …a day that had never been … I had read that how you choose to meet the day, be that day, feel that day , was up to only you! I liked having good days…I don’t like conflict , I don’t  like discord, I don’t want to be around unhappy people  …I believe these children that were in our care thought of our classroom as a refuge sometimes, a place to feel safe, feel wanted and welcome, that we liked to talk to them and listen in return…I believe these children had “Faith” in us…We were to be consistent, caring, sometimes nurturing , on our best behavior, try to speak  kindly, teach them with the knowledge of where they were coming from and what might be their future…I’m sure at times we disappointed them…maybe we didn’t say hi when we arrived, maybe we didn’t quite listen to them as they thought we should, maybe we didn’t seem happy to them and at times we probably weren’t…sometimes we were probably impatient…because after a while our “KIDS” seem just like all other kids to us…we forget about their disabilities, we forget they walk slower,we forget that they don’t hear or speak just right…that they have trouble expressing their thoughts…So I guess at times they had to regroup and have more Faith in us when we made mistakes and we had to regroup and remember “To Give Them Time!”

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