“I Just Want to Go Home!”

I wrote this post about 3 years ago… but, seemed appropriate for the prompt given this week…

Daily Prompt: Our House

What are the earliest memories of the place you lived in as a child? Describe your house. What did it look like? How did it smell? What did it sound like? Was it quiet like a library, or full of the noise of life? Tell us all about it, in as much detail as you can recall.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HOME.

How many times have you been somewhere and have said, “I just want to go home!” ? When you have a home it is the most content feeling I think you can have…My first home of course was with my parents …my Dad had built our first home…It had a long living room , a kitchen which was open to the living room, a small bedroom in the back of the house off from the kitchen and then Mom and Dad’s bedroom in the back of the house…This little house had an attic, which was used for two more bedrooms…It was heated by a coal-burning pot belly stove in the living room and it had a fireplace in Mom and Dad’s bedroom…It must have heated pretty well…I never remember it being cold???…We only had cold running water for a while and an outhouse for a bathroom…How did we live that way?…very well it seems…normal to us…and to a lot of people at that time…You see, my Dad had bought 8 acres of land out in “nowhere land” as some said…but, actually it was in Jefferson County…yes, it was a little secluded  …but,we had woods  , a creek  , lots of land to grow our own garden, have a swing between twin trees as we called them…and room enough for my Dad to eventually build our bigger home…it was more toward the road and up a small hill from the “Little House”…and that is what we all called the first house forever…”The Little House”They were both “Homes” to us…and that was because Mom and Dad made it that way…I remember our homes always having neighbors dropping in …city  relatives and friends coming out to the country to visit us on weekends…and enjoying the freedom of fresh air, green grass , a creek to wade in and lots of land to wander around and investigate…My Mom had her garden of vegetables, her many flower beds  which we called them…just full of every kind of flowering color you can imagine and her chickens laying eggs and running around the backyard…My Dad was always busy building  as I remember…First was the wood garage with hand poured concrete floor and left over windows he had salvaged…then came the “Little House”  with its green siding…and white trimmed windows and doors…then the outhouse …it was two seater…with a stone step and little landing leading inside…then the chicken house for Mom’s baby chickens and Banty  chickens…looking for eggs in the chicken house which we called it…was always so fun…Mom would even lift up the chickens or feel under one for the eggs…she was so brave! …and then Dad began our big house   …and this was to become our home until we were all married and having children of our own…writing about it, “Makes me just want to go home!”


I remember a little girl we had that would say constantly all day long …”Is it time to go home?”…and another saying, “I want to go home!”…This told me that these kids felt safe, loved and were happy in their homes…you don’t want to go to some place if it doesn’t make you feel good…of course we had some kids that couldn’t wait to come to school …you could almost feel their relief as they came through our door into the classroom…this was “home” to them…here is where they felt safe, warm, loved…When you sense this…it is so hard to send them home on the bus…you wondered why they weren’t happy at home…but, as educators you learn to just listen, and watch for clues to see if  there is a problem that needs to be reported…or is it just that they are not given any attention…maybe they were hungry…we always provided breakfast and lunch …if a child seemed tired ,wanting to sleep a lot…we knew he probably hadn’t had any breakfast…so we would ask them…and then go get it from the cafeteria…if a child couldn’t keep his eyes open…and that happened a lot…we would just have to let them sleep…this could be from what we listened to…”I heard gun shots last night!”, one would say…”I couldn’t sleep for all the people over at my house all night!” , they would say…”I couldn’t sleep last night because I have to sleep on the couch…sometimes the floor , because I don’t  have a bed!”  , they would say…”Our electricity or water got cut off last night”, they would say…so you start to see the picture…These kids had a “place” to go to…but you didn’t hear them saying, “I just want to go home!”


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