“What Potential!”

We took a short trip to Gatlinburg, TN …it is never long enough…I need a week  to see all I want to see and do…NO, I’m sure more…We took our boys to Gatlinburg when they were very young several times…they still talk about it…We’ve been with my sisters and some of my nieces and nephews…Fond memories …We took my   once and ended up in South Carolina to see a niece…Yes! …we have come to the conclusion that we were  to try it…never been so tired in my whole life and Bobby falling asleep at the wheel …well, it wasn’t fun!…so we learn…decide where you are going and don’t make changes!…My brother and his family were camping  at Cades Cove…a Camp Ground   way up in the Smoky Mountains …We were staying in Gatlinburg in a cabin …We decided to go up the mountain to see them…Surprise! Our little Chevette broke down…thankfully, a really nice couple picked us up and took us to the top of the mountain where we found my brother Eddie…If it weren’t for them, we would still be walking  up that mountain…and the kids saying, “Are we going to get eaten by Bears!”  …”Did you hear that!”…”How much further up this mountain?”…”I’m so tired…I’m so thirsty… I’m so hungry!”…Eddie helped Bobby get the car fixed  somewhere…we visited with them and actually had a great time…memorable again!…Bobby and I have had a few trips by ourselvesVery nice!…If you go by yourself you can do what  want…see what   want to see, eat what  want to eat…stay where YOU want to stay…get up when  want to get up…I guess I’m at the age that this is what I want!…The Smoky Mountains, it’s forests and running waters  located in Eastern Tennessee are just beautifull!…Gatlinburg was established in 1807 …200 years ago by Martha Jane Huskey Ogle…Her husband died before he could bring them there… He had called it the “Land of Paradise…a land with “potential”…So she brought her children and some of her family members there and established the town first named “White Oak Flats”, because of all the White Oak trees …In 1854 Radford C.Gatlin moved there and opened up the 2nd General Store …later the Post Office   was moved into his store …so they renamed the town “Gatlinburg”…There was some controversy with “Gatlin” and he was banished from the town, but the name remained the same…In 1912 a school was finally started for the children that lived there…and later came to be called “Arrowmont School of Art and Crafts” It is still in existence and has grown tremendously…Gatlinburg is based on “Arts and Crafts“, History” and “Music” A rich little community in lots of aspects!…It is now known as a Vacation Resort Area and a place to hold meetings for different oganizations…While there, we crossed through the Smoky Mountains  and over them to go over to Cherokee, North Carolina…It takes a good hour…The roads wind up and around the edge  of the mountain…looking down on valleys , gaps in the mountain, above the tree tops Cold water running swiftly down the mountains over huge boulders at times …riding through tunnels that cut through the mountain in certain places …We arrive at the bottom of the mountain into an Indian Reservation I’m sorry to say…a little worn, tired looking, stores and shops closed down…the huge casino /hotel  taking up a big chunk of the land…very commercial … We passed an Indian Man doing a dance for a few visitors outside a store …kinda sad… a beautiful wading stream/creek  runs through the town …making me wonder what it was like for these people a hundred or more years ago??? It had to be betterNature sparkling at it’s best  …that’s the way I would like to see it!

“My Kids!”…

Our kids arrived in our classrooms with many obstacles…Some to climb over, some to crawl under, some to adjust to, some to avoid all together, because they couldn’t be changed…We tried to adjust some of these obstacles …although we would rather have discarded them altogether…Some obstacles are big, some are small and then there are those that are like boulders…just too much to move , beat down or avert…So you try to at least to run over them like the cool water does in the creek …Sometimes our kids had a path to follow …others had already opened those doors…so they could walk right through…others wanted to change some areas of their lives…that some people thought impossible…but, when you saw your kid’s determinationyou tried with all your might to help them through it…We finally saw we had to get these children to their highest point, that they as individuals, could go…We sometimes tried to make the challenge even a little bit harder The students were trying to get to their “potential”…I like that word! … “potential”…meaning…something is possible!…You have the capacity for development, to succeed , to become something!…Now, isn’t that a GREAT WORD??? …Just as the people who struggled in those “Smoky” Mountains  in Tennessee to successfully bring about a growing community , with arts/crafts, music and education…These children that we taught … overcame obstacles to help themselves grow, succeed and become the best they could be…They began to sparkle like Nature at it’s best …they were meeting their potential…and I loved seeing  it!

One thought on ““What Potential!”

  1. I agree with your thoughts here and I actually love your blog! I’ve bookmarked it so that I can come back & read more in the future. Your post is very interesting. I’ve read your blog for few days now and I trully enjoy your blog. Thank you for your great work!

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