“Easter”…Perhaps, a time to find joy!

Next Sunday is Easter …my first thoughts are …go to church, Jesus’ Crucifixion, the Easter Bunny, my Grandkids, Easter Candy/Gifts, Ham for Dinner, New Clothes, Family…My first thoughts really go back many years ago when I was young…We had to have a new outfit, new shoes, maybe a pretty Easter hat…I liked going to Church on Easter…At least on that one day…more people attended church than usual…What’s was the reason?…To show off those new clothes and accessories?…Perhaps…Because somebody asked them to go with them?…Perhaps…Maybe it’s the Easter Egg Hunt for the children?…Perhaps…Maybe it’s the thought if they went it would take care of all those days they didn’t?…Perhaps…I have to admit I love that the kids and even the adults get all dressed up…and go to church…I love that someone finally said yes, and went with a friend that had been asking them for a long time…I love watching the little kids all dressed up in their best running like crazy all over the lawn looking for those hidden eggs  …Some carrying a pretty Easter Basket…some carrying a “Kroger” bag…but, so enthused…laughing, giggling…trying to get as many of those colored eggs as possible …Possibbly there is a little guilt …something inside of them telling them they should be going to church, but haven’t…For whatever reason a person has …to go to church on this Special Day…I think it is wonderful!…While those kids are sitting with their parents fidgeting from eating too much candy…while those parents are sitting in their best looking all around at others …while those people who haven’t been in a church for a while sit a little nervously watching and listening to those around them…, while those people sit with friends that took the time to extend an invitation …Maybe this is the time at least one of these people will open their heart to God a vulnerable time …a time to make a decision that will change their life forever…they might hear just the right words that will give them an everlasting joy …So, yes…I love all of the hoop la about Easter…It makes me happy to know that God is watching all of this and knows the real reason we are there…Could it be …He led us there?Perhaps!


“My Kids!”

When Easter came in the Spring…our kids were interested in Easter Egg Hunts  , the Easter Bunny, candy, dying hard-boiled eggs , Easter Baskets or maybe making a pretty card for someone…That’s OK…they are children and they had disabilities…Some had never dyed eggs…what an experience…the thought of boiling an egg …dipping it in bright-colored dye …the magic of the pretty color it became…trying not break them…some wanting to eat them right away and others saving them to take home and show off their handiwork…We did have egg hunts at one time…outside if pretty, hiding them behind trees and bushes , in cracks of the sidewalk, in tall grassy areas , just about anywhere we could find…a prize for the one finding the most …making sure all received some of the eggs…We made Easter baskets of paper…I remember a chick pattern especially…fillling them with Easter grass …The kids would color and staple and be so impressed by how they would hold a few jelly beans  and chocolate rabbits…and then they got to take them home…We had cards to make that when folded they opened to reveal a Happy Rabbit…But of all the things our students did during this Special time was to make Easter Bunny Cakes …Our little Bake Shop first made them many years ago…We made special boxes lined with pretty cellophane paper, baked cakes, cut out the ears, bow ties and heads from the cake circles, frosted and decorated them with fluffy white coconut , assorted colored jelly bean bow ties, noses and eyes…pink tinted coconut for the inside of their long ears…and cute red whiskers from red vine chewy string candies…We never knew which one was the cutest!…We would line them up in assembly line fashion…with a little girl in our class, doing as good as any adult in decorating them…at these times our kid’s talents really showed…I’m not sure how many jelly beans were eaten during these times…I know lots disappeared …We took orders for these cakes  and made over 25 that first time…and every year after we were asked, “Are you going to make “Bunny”cakes?”…and we said “perhaps” …as we  took their order…

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