“Little Red House”

As I was sitting outside I observed our “Bird Couple”My cousin had given my husband a very pretty red wood bird house for Christmas a couple of years ago…It seemed to be handmade and great care had been taken in finishing it…It was very solid and fairly big…That Spring after Christmas my husband hung it high on the side of one of our trees… He didn’t want it too close to the house ( too noisy )…wanted it in view of where we sit outside ( we could watch the birds if they decided to use it )…and up high enough to keep most anything but, birds from getting into it…Last summer we thought we had birds in it…but, actually our imaginations seem to have gotten the best of us…We thought we saw little heads popping out of the hole …but, No birds…when we looked closer…This Spring is a different story…our “Bird Couple” have moved in …it’s been over a month or more…We actually do see little heads popping up and out of the hole in the front of the little red house…We also see Momma and Daddy going in and out frequently with what seems to be a little of this and a little of that…I guess some sort of insects or worms …What is so neat is the way they take turns…Momma bird flies off while the Daddy is inside with the babies…and when she returns …he comes out and flies off while she goes inside to stay with the babies and feed them what she has found…I love the thought that this little couple are sharing their parenting duties …I love that they looked around and picked our little red house  to begin a family in…They have had a visitor…Mr.Squirrel  …He tried so hard to see inside their home…No Way!…said, Momma and Daddy…They flew at him and peeped at him loudly … He has not returned…

“My Kids!”…

If birds can take care of their young as well as my “Little Couple” does …then I think we can all take a lesson from them and do the same…I wish at times some of our kid’s parents would have watched the birds more …Maybe then our kids would have had a pretty little house  with a yard, trees and people close by to look after them…maybe then they would have had both parents living with them …learning only what a Dad can teach and what a Mom can give …Maybe then both parents would share the responsibilities of raising a child…where one doesn’t get so tired of doing it all…Maybe then the child would know when they got home there would be food to eat  and love to keep them warm…and then our kids would have no fear in letting their wings unfold, stretch out and fly

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