“Stepping Up!”

We went to a special program  today…We arrived at our destination and enthusiastic greeters invited us in and proceeded to tell us where to go … as they stickered us with a little ID tag…As we went toward the doors…other greeters handed us a folded paper program …a Heart of Paw Prints was on the front with the words, “Step Up Program”…I thought I was attending a Kindergarten Graduation for my grandson??? We went in and found our seat in the wonderful bleacher section that all parents and grandparents endure for these school functions…It was crowded with parents, grandparents and relatives waiting to view that sweet face they love so much…It wasn’t long until those cute faces began to parade into the gym…one after the other…Three classes of cute, unique personalities … They weren’t in the traditional cap and gown  like I expected…These little faces had flower petals surrounding them red, yellow, blue, purple, orange and green…but, all smiling with excited, embarrassed grins…All those people looking at them…cameras flashing …voices muttering, “How sweet!”…”So cute”…”There he/she is!”…Then the program began…It was called “Growing Kindergarten Memories”… Songs with hand motions accompanying each one that was sung …All about growing…with help from the sun, rain and good earth…A cute worm song with wiggling students acting out their parts…The final song to the tune of “New York”…”New York” was First Grade” …”First Grade” After much applause the little faces removed their petals and proceeded to line up for their laminated certificates  and cute Cougar Paw Print Pins/Ribbons…They are the “Roby Cougar Cubs”! Applause sounded for each student…Grins abounded!…When the program ended we made our way to our special graduate, Carson …He smiled as he saw us … accepting the “Bear Grad Balloon”   and small gift his Poppy and I had brought him…pictures  were made again…It was great we came but, his thoughts were on the Pizza Party and Inflatable Bouncers  they would be having that afternoon…He was “Stepping UP!”

“My Kids!”

Yesterday, as the kids at school had their little luncheon and awards ceremony … I watched as parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters arrived…Some we know really well…so we were greeted with a hug and smiles…Some, a little more apprehensive …I hope we let all know how glad we were that they had come for their child…to celebrate their achievements …I liked how some of the parents knew each other…either from this year or years past…I find it always good to know people with the same experiences… I’ve gone to meetings where people talked about similar concerns …It is so good to hear someone talk and KNOW what I was feeling and going through…An awareness to have sympathy and the capacity to understand…So, I watched as the joy was shared for the progress of all the students …These parents celebrated together …watching their child’s face  with such love … knowing their children were “Stepping UP!”

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