“Influential Observations!”

Even my horoscope says, “You are an observer!”and that I am…I love observing…I call it “people watching” …People are such unique creatures…lots to observe …I watch people in lines… the super market …the drug store…the line at the ticket counter …or maybe a waiting room…bus stop…restaurant …You can see such personality traits  come to the surface…impatience  great  patience restlessness being very quiet and thoughtful frustration …taking that waiting time to do another task …or they seem lost, “what do I do now?”  … as I observe these characters in this book of life we live in… I see actions…that I don’t like…things that I don’t want to be considered a part of me …Sometimes I see sweet things, loving things , controlled patience and thoughtfulness…I would like to have that projection…those qualities…I would like others to see me like that …I believe we are all observers …watchers…So as you go about your daily lives…being characters in this book of life…try to see the habits you want and what habits you wish to discard…because the fellow characters in this book of life we’re living in…can influence you greatly …Use your observation skills to make you a better person…then others will observe you and instill the traits they like about you into themselves…


1. to see or notice something, especially while watching carefully 

2. to watch somebody or something attentively

3. to be an official witness to something without taking an active part in it


1. able to have a powerful effect on people and what they do, or on events

2. the power that somebody has to affect other people’s thinking or actions by means of argument, example, or force of personality


1. able or liable to change, especially suddenly and unpredictably 

 2. inconsistent or uneven in quality or performance 

3. the effect of something on a person, thing

4. something observed or calculated that is used to show the presence or state of a condition or trend

“My Kids!”…

I first really started observing behaviors …when I worked at Filson Elementary School …We had to keep notes on all of the “Behavioral Disorder”   children I worked with…Of course we observed their bad indicators…but, afterwards I began to make note of their good indicators… The children knew we were watching them as we worked with the…so you also had to include into these observations  some variables…”What type of day was it?”…”What was happening that day that was different?”… “How did the day alter their routine?”…”Who said what to them?”…These can be many …The kids were very manipulative…I call it playing up to us…showing us their best when they knew we were watching…and showing their true behaviors on the sly …Yes, they were kids…but, smart in using their abilities to snowball  us at times… As the year proceeded…and you began to know the kids better and they began to find out we really liked them…only were there to keep them safe and to change some bad habits…They began to relax and we saw their true selves…and in doing that…we saw bad behaviors decrease  and good behaviors increase … So it looks like observing or watching can be of great value…maybe even “influential!”  

                                      If you’re experiencing hyperactivity, impulsivity, distractibility, boredom, frustration, and the inability to focus or follow directions, you could be exhibiting signs typically found in behavioral disorders.

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