Cooling Imaginations!

When the water in the swimming pools  is too hot to swim in…well, that’s kinda hot!…That’s what people say who have a pool…especially this week…100+ index most of the week …I was remembering what we did to stay cool… There’s no rhyme nor reason to the  order…but,

1. Made Kool-aid and froze it in ice-cube trays …Delicious!

2. Made enough ice tea , lemonade and Kool-aid to quench the thirst of armies…Usually ran out of ice and resorted to buying some at the ice house!

3. My bathing suit  became my clothing of choice…If not going to a pool…drenched myself with the water hose!

4. Took long “cold water” baths …Refreshing!

5. Laid directly under a fan …My Mom would even put a pan of water in front of it …Seemed to help…probably was getting a mist from the breeze blowing across it…

6. No cooking in the house…Didn’t catch me turning on the stove and adding degrees to the thermostat!…Cold cuts for sandwiches were fine …washed down with all that lemonade and tea …

7. Went to visit someone who had the privilege of owning an air conditioner…if only in the living room or one of the bedrooms…Where everyone all of a sudden hung out!

8. Spread a quilt under one of the many big trees we had and laid and looked up through the branches … getting sleepier and sleepier as the sun shone down and a breeze stirred ever once in a while…

9. Used the old-time hand held fans we had received from a church or a funeral home that had a wooden handle attached to stiff cardboard with a pretty picture of Jesus on it…or made one of our own from stiff paper…folding back and forth like an accordion and making it as big as we could …We might even color it to pass the time away!

10. Swing in a homemade tire swinghung from the branch of a sycamore tree …or the double seater porch swing …If it was available…a hot commodity!

One more…eat popsicles , fudgesicles or orange sherbet push-ups bought from the bicycling ice cream man and his cart. 

What are some of the things you did …so many years ago?…My curiosity has come alert now…even if it is 100+ degrees…COOL ME OFF!

“My Kids”!…

Thank goodness we had air conditioning at school…but, after being outside and running/walking around our track or playing a game of kick ball …the kids were ready to cool off…when we returned inside…Besides grabbing a water fountain and almost draining it…some of the things we did were…

1. Keep the lights out in the room…Darkness  seemed to make it cooler…and quieter!

2. We saved all the leftover milks and juices from breakfast…and in the afternoon after a hot workout…nothing refreshed better than good cold milk

3. Letting each student wet a couple of paper towels and laying it on their necks or foreheads… a quick cool down!

4. We sometimes made milkshakes in our Bake Shop area…Just ice cream , milk and flavoring…in a blender…YUM!

5. Sometimes we found opening the windows with a breeze coming through the classroom…beat the air conditioner that was set at a certain temperature…”keep a look out for the principal or the janitor!”

6. Reading a book  while everyone rested their heads …calms you down and before long you are interested in the story instead of the heat…Sneaky huh?

7. Begin a quiet game of “Riddle Me Riddle Me Ree” … I See Something You Don’t See!…No kid can resist…

8. Pass the ice cube …like  “hot potato”, but ice gives it an extra “Cooling” feature…

9. Start talking of all things that are cold…make a list on the board …Even teams …Who gets the most wins an extra drink at the water fountain!

10. Just wait until that bell rings to go home and you can go get in your air-conditioned car  …I call it…Saved by the Bell!…You’ve earned it…You’ve tried to keep those kids cool all day! Enjoy a nice tall cold beverage of your choice…You fill in the_________as to what kind!


2 thoughts on “Cooling Imaginations!

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