“Good Morning, Glory”

My Mom would walk out to the end of our garage and look up at this most beautiful flowering vine I had ever seen…It was the prettiest blue color … She would say, Good Morning, Glory” as if it could hear her…I sometimes thought it could by the way it started wiggling as she watered it …Now I know that this wonderful Morning Glory vine can be seen growing right before your eyes…Extending it’s tendrils upward entwining itself with another vine to make it stronger…Mom’s reached to the top of an old pine tree  …I would look up and see the blooms early in the morning…Mom explained, “It likes the morning , so that’s why its name is the “Morning Glory” and if I wanted to see it in it in all it’s glory, then I needed to catch it before the blooms were caught in the hot sunshine and start to wither…The new flowers would be forming buds…and you could actually see and count how many blooms there would be for you to view the next day…So, when I had my own home, I planted my blue Morning Glory  on the black lamp pole in my front yard…I sometimes had to help it start to twine, by adding a string down the length of the pole…Something for it to hold onto…It grew and grew…and since I later planted some purple/pink seeds next to it…I began to get variegated colors…pink with blue centers …blue with purple centers and purple with pink  …Just beautiful!… I always talk to them…It worked for Mom… so why not me?… “Good Morning, Glory!”… 

My Morning Glory…


“My Kids!”…

I tried to always greet “my kids” at school in a positive way…the way I would like to be greeted…usually they were so happy to be at school… and a “good morning” said in a friendly manner always perks me up…Another thing I usually tried to do, was to use their name …to let them know I was talking directly to them …Don’t you like it when someone uses your name when talking to you?… It makes you feel that they really are paying attention to just you… We all like attention…and starting the day off in a positive way … usually makes for a day filled with good happenings…Try it! … and by the way, “Good morning, Sunshine!”

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