Fried Pies…Mom Wins!

I was eating chunky applesauce and thought how it would make great fried pies … I usually make them with pie fillingcherry or apple …I also use canned biscuits for the dough … My Mom could whip up fried pies from scratch faster than I ever will with my canned filling and canned dough… She made her own dough… probably like a biscuit dough… Flour, milk…maybe an egg or two … depending on how many she was making… She probably had some real apples she had peeled, cored and cooked down to what I would call homemade applesauce … There would be sugar, cinnamon…maybe some butter in the ingredients… She would roll out her dough on a wood cutting board with her wood rolling pin with green handles… She floured the board so the dough would not stick… Small circles of dough … about 6″ in diameter… She filled the dough with cooled pie filling or in her case… cooked apples… and then folded the dough in half … looking like a crescent… She crimped the edges with a fork… sealing the edges where the filling wouldn’t come out during the frying process… The hot Crisco was heating in her big iron skillet … She carefully dropped the crescents into the hot shortening… waited until they were golden brown and then turned them gently with a spatula… After browning the other side… they were lifted out to cool on crumpled brown paper bags … This absorbed the excess grease… Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar … Oh, they were the best!… Mine are good… but, the trouble she went to for us to have a most delectable treat will always be remembered… Thanks to Mom, I too can make some good treats … just a newer version

“My Kids!

We made pies in our Bake Shop at school… Usually it was around Thanksgiving Pumpkin  and Pecan… The closest we ever got to making fried pies was when our male teacher would make fried biscuit dough donuts with the kids… They loved them!… Like me, he grew up with his Mom making them like mine when we were young… Canned biscuits rolled out a little thinner… a hole cut out with anything that would work…about an inch across… I’ve used an empty medicine bottle before… works great!… Of course the holes were saved and fried too… Sometimes I think we liked the holes even better… After frying in cooking oil  and drained on paper towels … Shook in a bag of sugar and cinnamon while still warm…Yummy!… The round doughnuts would get a coating of chocolate or vanilla frosting …maybe even a sprinkle or two with colored sugar crystals …I believe I’ll be making some fried pies today…and maybe another day some fried doughnuts… This cooler weather  makes me hungry!  

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