Taking Part In “The Old and New”

It’s been 7 months since I started my BLOG … I think I will start a new one for the year 2012 … I started writing about working with my kids at school … almost a never-ending story…but, since I have found my interest going in a different direction … I’ve learned that’s OK… I will finish what I have started… I’m like that… need to complete tasks I start… and then I can go on to other ideas … I find that maybe it’s because I am finally starting into another part of my life … When you have done something for over 30 years …it’s hard to stop thinking about it…In my case the schools , the teachers , the kids, the adventures and friends I made… I was so drawn to what I had left… but, now I’m looking in other areas… of things to do, to see  and feel…It’s kind of encouraging that I can go on to new beginnings … and I do intend to try new things, meet many more people, learn new things every day and maybe even change my thoughts and patterns that are so instilled in my being…The world is so glorious with all that it has to offer Why not take part in it! 

“My Kids!”…

In the Fall , a team at school called “The Shooting Stars, held Muster Day in October… It was like a pioneer day apple cider making , square dancing , corn husk doll making , quaint games from years past, cake walks , making beaded necklaces, cooking corn in the husk , roasting a pig  and serving BBQ to all who wanted to try it, frying jowl bacon on an open fire and our contribution would be beef stew , corn bread and pumpkin pie … We had such a good time! … It took months for the students and our kids who were included to learn the steps to the square dancing… laughing and getting to know each other as they found out who had two left feet or who wasFred Astaire in disguise  of a gangly teenager … Studying about their particular subject that was assigned to them… from making moccasins to apple butter … The kids came up with their own costumes… dressed in the clothing of the period they were learning about… very original… Many posters were made and many stories were told to all the spectators and parents who had come to view all of their hard work… Such a good memory to hold within me and brought to surface when the calendar turns to October, the air starts to cool and the smell of pumpkin pie and apple cider entices you to enjoy those times again…I think I’ll take part in the past as well as the present…  

3 thoughts on “Taking Part In “The Old and New”

  1. Love this, so original!

    Like you, for many years I was focused on my kids. I loved that time, but now I’m an empty nester and have had to fill my life with different interests. I didn’t know if I could do it, or if I really wanted to make that change, but now I’m loving it. And I still get to have a great relationship with my kids…just in a different way than when they were home and in school. And I have time to do things like blogging and interacting with this community, which I love.

    Good luck with your changes! Sheila

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