“Groups” Can Be Fun!

It’s fun to belong to a “group… some people might call a “club”… I especially like it when it’s such a mixture of different types of people … Keeps it “spicy”  if you know what I mean… Always something happening … always something to think about… always interesting… As of now I belong to a BUNCO group … and a TOPS   club… I think I would like to be in a Book Club … BUNCO is mostly family and TOPS is a mixture of family and other members… After awhile the other members become like family if you connectCongeniality comes to mind when I think of my groups… we get along fairly well…We all participate  in some way… We all have opinions in some way…and we all bring a little of ourselves into the group … This is what makes it neat!… It’s funny how some people don’t think they have anything to contribute…We are all given some kind of gift I believe …and when we share it … it will grow… Some have art talent , some have organizing skills , some have the creative cooking  talent, some have the smile/friendly/laughing gift… there are the leaders… and others have the sit back and observe look… hiding whatever they have inside… I understand that this is pretty much a realistic picture of human nature… but, belonging to a “GROUP”, a “CLUB”, a “MEETING”   does help us remove that shell we sometimes put around us … and that’s a good thing

“My Kids!”…

Kids at school can belong to many clubs … They usually are concerned with Fundraising , Community Service , Career Interest and Personal Interests … Kids join because of desire, ability and  …It can be a sports club , art club, cooking club, drama club , etc. … It’s a feeling of belonging… Maybe something they don’t feel at home… I’ve known kids that walked home every day, where they could stay after school for a club they wanted to participate in…Rain  and even snow did not keep them away… So the aspect of desire and need is there…something we all want to have in our lives… Thank goodness for organizations  that give us a place to be somebody .

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