“Reasons for Recycling”

We should have the cleanest city! … Everywhere I look people are recycling … I see truckloads  of old metal, wood, plastic and in all shapes and sizes… Any thing, any way … they stack these items on their vehicles… Also people who have been found guilty of misdemeanor crimes… are along side of the roads picking up trash … from plastic bottles to paper… I’ve also seen so many more people in my unique places to shop… I use to have these stores practically to myself… but, the word is out… something for almost nothing may be found in my thrift stores … either to actually use or put on EBAY to sell or put in their own little 10′ X 10″ cubicle at a Peddler’s MallFlea Markets … I don’t have to ask WHY?…I know WHY!… People are economically strapped … It is taking a lot for the everyday person to get by… I’ve always been quite frugal … maybe a trait I received from my Dad… but, I just love to look through stuff and see the possibilities… But, now it’s more of a challenge to do so…Very competative… prices are being raised … and so many people are actually patronizing these type of stores… Not out of the hobby aspect anymore but, the need to cut corners… We are supposed to be such a land of opportunity and wealth… Have heard it all my life… Maybe someone should come and see what I have seen… and then maybe decisions being made might become more realistic for our countryIt is about the people I thought… GodBless America but, please help our everyday people I see the need!

“My Kids!”…

We were recycling a long time ago with our kids at school… Just aluminum cans … It was a way to make some extra money for our classes and also a great vocational training project … a type of  job… We collected the cans from the school teacher‘s lounges…We had purchased two big garbage cans … Cut holes in the lids and labeled them…They were used and we were so happy! … The kids were taught to rinse out the cansdrain them… and then crush them…We had attached two can crushers to the cabinet that required a little strength to use… The kids would volunteer for this job…of course the crushing part was the best aspect… The cans were bagged and taken to the recycling site … The money then would be added to our account to be used as needed… maybe $15.00 -$20.00 … I believe many lessons were learned in this pre-vocational project… We thought we were helping the environmentIt’s hard work…It’s dirty work… and you don’t make big bucks doing it … but, with our school account usually in the Red… a little economically strapped… it was a way to earn a few dollars and keep our heads above water Sounds familiar doesn’t it???

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