“GIVE AWAY”… What You Have

Does it make you feel good to help someone? …I bet it does…My cousin in Illinois said that a lady thanked her for doing something nice for her…her answer back was, “Don’t thank me… I should thank you… because it made me feel so good” … That’s the best way I’ve ever heard it said… Evidently we have in our power to make ourselves feel good …but, do we use it? …I find you don’t always have to have a lot to feel this joy…and maybe it’s when you are at your lowest  that it feels even better … I see so many in the need of a hug , a smile , a kind word…and to give these things is free! … This is a way of helping… I believe people think it’s got to be monetary all the time… Of course that’s what we are bombarded with…GIVE…GIVE…GIVE … and it can make you feel bad that you don’t have it…$$$…to GIVE… So I suggest that you look around and find the things you do have to givea handshake … a few minutes to listen … a piece of something you baked … a funny joke … a pat on the back… We all have SOMETHING to GIVE… just find it and give it away!

“My Kids!”…

If anyone tells me how patient I was with our Special Ed Kids … I say, “It was easy”… If anyone asks me how I could have worked with Special Kids for 30 years?…I say, “It was easy” … If anyone tells me, “I couldn’t do that…work with those type of children” … I say, “It was easy… and you would have learned to love them as I did”… If I was told how “Special” I was to help those children with so many different types of disabilities and needs … I would say, ” They were the ones who were so Special… and it was easy to love kids  that gave me something every day”… They seemed to have found the secret … the power… That to GIVE makes smiles on their faces  and joy in their hearts… and they gave a lot!

2 thoughts on ““GIVE AWAY”… What You Have

  1. I agree! It feels good to step out of myself and be kind, generous, thoughtful, especially when I know it would have been easier to ignore the opportunity. I think it helps me to recognize that my little world and needs are among a sea of worlds and needs…reminds me that I am not alone, and the best way to be with others is to share.

    Thanks for your creative blog, I’m always intrigued by your look!


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