Things Are Looking Spiffy!

I’ve been cleaning out my kitchen cabinets …My husband is refinishing and painting the doors and drawer fronts  … Looking quite spiffy!…The least I could do was clean and rearrange my pots, pans , bowls, utensils and silverware while he was beautifying the rest…We are a handy little team…always have been… I guess you say we “compliment each other”… I almost said, “Complicate” each other…That too sometimes! …It feels good to get the dust out …line with new shelf paper…and throw out things I’ve not used in a long time… It gets to be less each time… I feel that’s a good thing!…I found my sister’s compote bowl she has been searching for… more like asking everyone for… I didn’t even know I had it!… but,when I pulled two of the same thing out of the back of one of the lower cabinets… I knew I was the culprit… I called and confessed“I was so worried about it!”, ha,ha! …I didn’t find anyone elses bowls or pans… but, I bet I have a few at someone’s house just waiting to be discovered … Is it time for a cupboard cleaning? … I’m missing a clear glass plate with a gold edging… Anyone seen it?

“My Kids!”…

We had cabinets in our kitchen area at school … There were actually four kitchen areas… but we only used two… They were built in the schools when Home Economics  was taught… No more… so they weren’t kept in working conditionWe don’t need to learn to cook, measure  or bake  anymore, or do laundry anymore , or learn to make a bed anymore, or sew anymore How obsolete! …but, we tried to teach these things to our students…We called it pre-vocational training… I believe there are still families who need to be fed… restaurants that need chefs … I still believe there are bakeries who make cakes and desserts… I still think we have hotels that need to be cleaned and beds made beside the bed you sleep in every night… I still think we need to keep our clothes clean… and not wash something dyed red with the whites… I think we still lose a button every now or then and that maybe there are clothes designers making wonderful salarys…But, who are we?… We just thought it might be handy!… We also taught our kids to keep things clean… and cleaning out the cupboards  was a task we showed them how to do… soapy water …cleaning detergents…and elbow grease…And guess what? …We sometimes ran into that lost item we had been looking for Now where did that baking pan go?

2 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Spiffy!

  1. Read about cleaning out closets and about teaching your kids basic home skills. Good for you on both counts. I’m finding myself wanting to clean out more and more, simplify is my mantra. Hard to do, but I’m working on it. Love the little pictures all through.

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