Are You True to Yourself?

What does it mean “To Stay True to Yourself?” A question that was brought up by fellow bloggers at… So I am going to attempt to answer as truthfully and simply as I can…

“To Stay True to Myself’  means I can live with my decisions… I can live with my answers to questions presented to me…I can live with the advice I give because I try to think it through, and come back if my thoughts were not clear or misunderstood… I can live with myself, because I will quickly apologize  if impelled that I was wrong… I can live with myself, in that it is best for the circumstances… I can live with myself with a clear conscience  … I can live with myself with that feel good feeling within my heart … I can live with myself in that I explain “Why”   I have to do something and am strongly compelled to do it… I can live with myself, in that it doesn’t leave damage to those arround me… That I can live with myself to help those in need …That I can live with myself to always offer “Love”   instead of hatred…That I can live with myself in that I try to see all sides… putting myself in the other’s position or frame of mind… By “Staying True to Myself”  I have to follow God‘s Will” sometimes not mine…sometimes hard… sometimes not right in other’s eyes… but, if I didn’t follow His direction  I would definitely “NOT Be Truthful to Myself” … and my life would lose all meaning…I CHOOSE to Stay True to Myself … How about YOU?

“My Kids!”…

Judy and I became friends after my second year at TJ Middle School…We were both assistants to teachers who taught Special Ed kids … Each day before school started we had about 15 minutes of free time… This was our coffee- breakfast- catch up time- family /school discussion time … We could get more settled in this short length of time than people with days, months or years … It was therapy for us…we were each other’s sounding boards…and we stayed close even after she had left TJ …had a class of her own for about one year… and after she was striken with a stroke that left her body paralyzed  on the left side… I remember I mailed a card or a note every week for over a year… called and talked after she was able …and kept in touch at least every month after that… She moved to Nolin River area , Clarkson, KY …and we made a few visits for her Chili get-together in the Fall … Her husband built a handicapped assessable house for her…and all seemed to be going pretty well…Then she called me with the news!… She had stomach cancer… To the hospital I went… She went home , only to return to the hospital again… This time, home was with the care of the organization called Hosparus … An aide to help her with her personal needs Monday – Friday and the nurse  for her medical needs on Wednesdays…Weekends on their own… “Their” meaning her husband and her… So as of last Thursday I am staying with her where he can have a break with their daughter and family in Florida  … and today which is Saturday and Sunday we are on our own …We seem to be doing fine… I will take care of her needs until Wednesday next week… “Staying True to Myself” by helping a friend in need … and as I have found… only benefits myself…by knowing I’m doing what is right “How good that can feel!”

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