“Squeals of Delight!”

I’ve figured out something about Holidays …Without children ...they just aren’t as much fun!… The twinkle we see in the eyes of children … How their smiles just emerge and light their faces … The excitement in their voices… That magical giggle that radiates from their throats … That unreserved motion in their bodies… as if they just can’t be still … The joy as they express without any reservations as to what they expect …be it a certain costume at Halloween… “I’m going to be a …!” , as they demonstrate the sounds or look of the creature they want to be…  be it a dessert of Thanksgiving… “I just love pumpkin pie with cool whip”!  … as they almost lick their lips telling you about it… be it a special toy they’ve been looking at in the Christmas Catalog … because if you’re a good little girl or boy… Santa   will bring you what you have wished for… Children jump and hop almost as much as the Easter Bunny in anticipation of finding an Easter Basket full of candies or maybe a stuffed fuzzy bunny to snuggle up to … There will be hearts drawn on everything… pink and red …with “I LOVE YOU!”   printed on most of them… Valentine’s made from cut out red or pink construction paper with white doilies glued behind them… The prettiest things they have ever seen as their hands clap and touch their faces… Leprechauns have nothing on kids as they dance a jig and make green shamrocks for good luck… St.Patrick’s Day is indeed magical to them!… Summer vacation brings squeals of happiness as they jump into the swimming pool for the first time  … shivering, but, never admitting they are cold… Even that first day of school… shopping for those new pencils, red, green and blue folders and colorful crayons just waiting to be opened and used for the first time… It seems if we would look at children…we would realize their joy can always remain within us … Just smile, giggle, dance , shiver, clap, hop, make something pretty and even squeal with delight 

It may be contagious!

“My Kids!”…
It started in August… first day of school… Happy faces for the most part … getting off the school buses… in our case, the little buses … for Special Ed kids … As soon as you saw them, you had to smileso sweet… so friendly… so chatty…and so enthused to be at school…Here they would busy, go places and get lots of attention!… so they were excited!… It spilled over onto us… Of course within about two months… Halloween arrived… we would dress in costumes… make Jack-o-lantern cakes in our Bake Shop and have games and activities … They loved it! … Showing it by wanting us to paint their faces, talk of costumes and pumpkin patch field trips… enjoyed by all!… Thanksgiving was a busy time in our Bake Shop…with Pumpkin and Pecan pies being baked…and the smells wafting through the halls …Talk of turkeys and eating dinner at their Grandparents…What a joy watching them describe what they did… Christmas of course was time for a break…but, not before decorating a tree , talking of all the ways different people celebrated this special time, musical concerts… and our Holiday Bazaar… The anticipation of being off from school and a visit from Santa … A winter time delight … Valentine’s Day brought out the pink, red and white construction paper with heart-shaped patterns and decorations… Small Conversation Heart shaped candies  were found everywhere…reading what each one said… The fun as they expressed their like for a certain student…very typical!… March brought out the Leprechaun’s and green shamrockspots of gold were talked bout and rainbow’s  drawn on every piece of paper they could find… We discussed how the colors of the rainbow were called, ROY G BIVred, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and we taught it like it was new for all of us…. April brought Spring, the Easter Bunny and candy being brought to school and found in their desks… just hoping no melted Bunnies would be found… School ended with the anticipation of summer and fun-filled, sunny days… Smiles becoming more contagious as we all were ready for a break… A few squeals of delight could be heard as students and teachers left at that time I told you it could be contagious!

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