“Track Those Minutes!”

I keep thinking of trying to get into an exercise regime …but, one problem…I hate the word exercise… and to commit to something is so not me… I like to walk… so I thought I might try again to start walking in the park … something to look at while doing this thing I hate… I used to do that and even enjoyed it… of course it won’t be long until it’s cold outside … then rainy … and then snowy … Do you hear me?… because I hear myself… Making excuses… So I’ll keep thinking about it and maybe come up with a nice warm, safe, interesting, peaceful place to try to exercise…but, now I think I’m going back to bed … it’s just been too much exercise on my brain so early this morning… Maybe tomorrow

“My Kids”!

Since we were supposed to set a good example for our students…we tried to have some kind of exercise routine  for our class…We watched videos geared for our kids to watch and do some fun, funky exercises … They were sometimes into it and sometimes not … We would go to the gym and walk a certain amount of laps and then play basketball , jump rope or play a game of kickball… Usually the more organized game of kickball  was met with more interest than anything… Our students also had gym(PE) classes for quite a few years…but, then can you believe it?… they discontinued it… No wonder our kids are obese and lack energy … Now, of course they are seeing how wrong they were and are trying to come back with what they want us to believe is a … “Magic Cure”… If they had left things alone to begin with…we would still be enjoying some exercise…we just called it “playing”  dodge ball, jump rope, chase, pitch and catch, etc. … No wonder kids balk about exercise, just like me…they think of it more as a job than something fun to do… Don’t forget to track how many laps you made…how many minutes it took you to do that… how fast you are… See what I mean???

One thought on ““Track Those Minutes!”

  1. Oh, this is so me! I struggle to do much real exercise, although I love to walk. Making time to be consistent is the most difficult thing for me. But honestly the biggest issue is that my heart is not in it. I stay on the run as it is. Hard to carve out more time! At least I know I’m not alone! Sheila

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