“Gifts From the Heart!”

Some of my favorite gifts that I remember were homemade … My Mom crocheted me an afghan in the colors I specified over 25 years ago… it was to match my bedroom in our first house we owned… Burgundy, rose and pinks… I still look at it with such fond memories… although put away for safe keeping now… I have embroidered dish towels I will never actually use… only for decoration… too special… made by my best friend’s Mom over 40 years ago for my wedding … Simple and so sweet… one for each day of the week… A long time friend made flour dough Christmas ornaments  for my boys  and I kept them until they disintegrated… but, will always recall them at Christmas when I get my ornaments  out… along with the homemade Cheese Ball … which was such a treat when you had little money to spend on extras… Nothing tasted so good!… Homemade cookies  made by nieces, sisters, friends… just love them!… Jellies  made by a sister-in-law … Wood pieces made and painted by my brother … I felt the love in each one… Homemade cards and notes from my Grandchildren…hung on the refrigerator for months … Those “I LOVE YOU’s” meaning more to me than anything they could ever buy… My wood bird feeder   made by my husband… after mentioning I would like to have one… My birds and I adore him for making it for us… Gifts of, “I’ll clean your house for your birthday Mom”… and doing it…What more could you want? … My attempt at homemade gift giving I’m sure has been met with mixed feelings at times… Cookies  for the neighbor kids and distant relatives too far away to get together for the Holidays… embroidered dish towels for friends… embroidered  table runners for a daughter-in-law, paintings of pictures and furniture , doll clothes for a granddaughter, tied fleece throws for family, framed pictures, homemade pickles , fried pies and jams … I like to give what I like to receive… Gifts from the heart … Just makes you feel all fuzzy inside!

“My Kids”…

If you have been following “My Blog”  … you probably realize I try to include something about the kids I worked with … whether it be a similar incident, story , a “funny” happening , a “sad” happening     or truthful event that would relate to what was on my mind… As the year is coming to an end… only one more month after this… I’m feeling a little melancholy… My goal will have been completed… something I had always wanted to do… I should be glad…but, I wonder if my stories have done justice to “My Kids” as I call them… we’ll see…

As I am speaking of  “gifts from the heart” … I know these children are who gave me the greatest gift I could have ever received… It wasn’t planned... it wasn’t tied up in a pretty package … it was a lot of things combined... somewhat like a Homemade Gift… not perfect… not what I wanted all  of the time…sometimes the best I could have ever imagined… I gave to them and they gave to me… That fuzzy warm feeling … “I’ll take that kind of gift   any day!” 

One thought on ““Gifts From the Heart!”

  1. Handmade gifts are my favorite, too. Sometimes they are a beautiful piece of artwork. Other times they are a little less than perfect. But either way, they are precious treasure, made with love.

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