“Sip Some Goodness!”

OK… it’s getting colder outside and I’ve found myself craving hot chocolate ... I’ve had many a cup of hot chocolate in my life and right now I like the Milk Chocolate   kind… Some brands are better than others…but, with a little whipped cream …who cares!… My all time favorite is made from scratch with Hershey’s Cocoa... We always had cocoa, sugar , a dash of salt , vanilla  and milk… They were considered staples… and if you happened to have a big fat fluffy marshmallow  or two added to the mug…oh, my!…what a treat!… I’ve tried different flavors of cocoa… like dark chocolate, raspberry , cinnamon , caramel and mint … and I always come back to the traditional… I can picture stories I’ve read… movies I’ve watched… memories when I was young… of people, young and old enjoying that sweet, rich, chocolatey goodness being sipped out of your favorite mug  … on a cold, snowy night … Add a warm blanket and a Christmas movie …Can’t get better than that!

“My Kids”…

We made homemade cocoa mix  at school for our Holiday Bazaar… Made with powdered milk , confectioner’s sugar , unsweetened cocoa powder  and non-dairy powdered creamer… The students would measure the ingredients into a large bowl… stir until well blended and then spoon a certain amount of servings into little jars we had hand decorated… with ribbons, stickers and a tag … So pretty and always a great seller… Like I said… nothing like hot cocoa to sip on or give as a gift …especially homemade!


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