“Believing ” … Is So Important!”

What a wonderful time Christmas  should be… but, it’s getting harder and harder to feel the joy anymore… I try so hard…by baking …by finding small gifts to give… wrapping everything in pretty paper and ribbons… decorating a tree… decorating inside the house and out a little…but, I still feel quite empty at times… Everywhere you look there are festivities going on… movies, parties , shopping , cooking, TV ads, store ads …I think I know what it is that makes me feel blue … it’s knowing that so many families are in need … not just for Christmas presents, but food, utility and house payments , gasoline for the car … I see the pain in so many people’s eyes… wondering… What is going to happen to them and their families Where are they going to be living next year when they might lose their home Where will they turn to get help with the necessities to keep surviving every day… What will happen if they become ill… If they haven’t already lost their job… will they have one next year … And if they are working, will it be enough to meet their families needs… I didn’t say “wants” … just needs Who actually cares about them?… Who really understands their situation?… Clearly the world is in a bad way… and I have found personally, that the only thing that keeps me motivated, keeps me having hope, keeps me focused … is the love of those who share a kind word, a helping hand , a “pep me up” talk, a home cooked meal, a hug and a kiss , a promise that all will turn out OK!… And then it’s my turn to react… by having faith in others… having faith in our country … having faith in my families love… having faith that tomorrow is a new day with new dreams and mainly having  faith in the One who saved me… showing me what Believing is all about… And with that comes the   to endure, the strength to know there will be better days!

God Bless All This Christmas Season!  

2 thoughts on ““Believing ” … Is So Important!”

  1. What a wonderful post! I love your attitude, and your caring heart toward others. I’m sure that giving spirit is what gave you so much joy in your work with special needs kids. I admire the selflessness of concern for the welfare of others…not just concern, but active involvement. Thank you for a powerful reminder that faith is essential. ~ Sheila

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