“Cake Cakes” anyone?

My granddaughter, Kennedy…who is 9… loves “cake cakes… That is what she has always called pancakes… She likes them just as much now as she did when she was 1-year-old… Her little brother, Carson and her  stayed over last night … and when they got up I asked, “Are pancakes OK for breakfast?”…of course Kennedy says, “yes!” … and to my surprise Carson did too … I asked , “Would you like a barn, rooster or a hen?” … They kind of looked at me like,”WHAT?”… Then I showed them the new pancake molds I had bought… in those shapes… Carson says, “I want a barn”… and Kennedy says, “I want a rooster”… Carson helped mix up the batter… and then watched as I made them in my skillet…  He was loving it!… He couldn’t wait to eat his “barn”…and my “Cake Cakes” girl ate 3… one of each shape… I told you, “She loves them!”… We all ate pancakes  and for some reason they tasted so good… better than usual… Warm with syrup and melted butter …yum! I have a feeling there will be a request for “Roosters“, “Hens” and “Barns”   from now on… maybe with chocolate chips next time.

One thought on ““Cake Cakes” anyone?

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