“Do You Ever Give Endorsements?”

I have to make an endorsement! … I don’t usually do this…but, in this case I am… We were surprised with a wonderful Christmas present! … It didn’t come by sleigh or reindeer, but from a guy dressed all in brown… It came by UPS   to our front door… It was in a huge white Styrofoam cooler … My husband gets his insulin from VA in a cooler such as this… but, this was about 8 times that size… I wondered what in the world could it be… I then checked the senders address label… Surprisingly, I knew the names… it was my husband’s sister and husband from Georgia … We opened it and to our surprise we had boxes and boxes of treasures… That’s what I called it…We were elated!… The surprise package came from them of course via “Omaha Steak Company” … That’s who I’m endorsing!… We had boxes of steak , chicken , fish , hot dogs , hamburgers , baked potatoes , pork chops and a very nice  set of wood handled steak knives… Well, we’ve tried it all… and everything has been scrumptious!… I use to save things like this for special occasions… Not, now… I’ve learned life can be so changing … that you need to embrace everything as if there’s no tomorrow… So we have truly enjoyed this gift… all during this Christmas Season … Hamburgers with all the fixings of cheese, onion pickles, tomatoes, ketchup and mustard… perfection!… Pork chops baked in the oven with a light seasoning… so tasty… The potatoes  loaded with cheese, bacon, sour cream and a little onion… melt in your mouth… So I think you get my drift… This is an outstanding company and their products are awesome… I cooked steaks tonight along with my whole green beans and pan seared small potatoes  … Nothing else needed… So good and tender! …If you want to send a nice gift or just order for your own self… I recommend this company highly… I know my son and his wife will have a treat with the gift we sent them… because I took my own advice… ENJOY!

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