Right Around “Horseshoe Bend”

I loved our “Christmas Breakfast”  together!… My brother, Eddie actually began this tradition… He would call all of us … that being three sisters/husbands, another brother/wife and Mom… Dad had passed years before this tradition started…or he would have loved it!… Eddie would have a place picked out for all of us to meet… date and time set… His favorite and first place we met was “The Overlook Restaurant” in Leavenworth, Indiana  … This was not a fancy place… but, good home cooking… sitting on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River… it was quaint and unique… Found by one of his many drives to view pretty scenery in small rural towns… This breakfast trip was always better when a few snowflakes were skittering around as we drove over the Ohio River to reach our destination from Louisville… The reservation had been made and our table would be ready… able to sit together at one long table… the smell of hot coffee wafting in the air… mingled with smells of pancakes, eggs, bacon , ham and homemade biscuits… The waitress was very attentive… keeping the pots of coffee full that sat on the table for refills … and there were many!… We would peek out the window at the beautiful Ohio River meandering around Horseshoe Bend  right below us… We would laugh, talk, tell tales, take pictures and of course eat like it was the best breakfast we had ever encountered!… My brother would then disappear for a few minutes to arrive back at our table playing as “Santa Claus… Eddie would have all of us a small hand-picked gift of special cookies, candy or picture he had made copies of… This was his time to shine!… He loved giving… and we loved this time of togetherness… We left waving… hugging… having that special love in our hearts of being family… How wonderful is that!

4 thoughts on “Right Around “Horseshoe Bend”

  1. What a great idea! And what a great brother to think it up, arrange the details, and play Santa! It is wonderful when family is what it should be! Thank you for sharing a fun tradition…may have to copy for our family! ~ Sheila

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