“Mail Order Sweetness!”

I received a brochure (catalog) in the mail at least 30 years ago… No, I’m not going to say I still have it… That one is long gone…but, I continue to get them in the mail every year… It comes around the middle of November … and it actually hasn’t changed a lot since that first one so long ago… It probably has a few newer items… the prices are a little higher… but, the Quality is still the same!… Very Good!… I order pretty little cakes called Petits Fours  from it… that come in delicious flavors of lemon , strawberry , chocolate,vanilla, red velvet, carrot … and numerous others… They are covered in a sumptuous coating of crunchy light frosting with a pretty decoration on each… Bon Bons are another item I order… As you can tell we eat some…but, I buy them for special gifts also… Then there are the cheeses and sausages … candies… fruits… crackers… condiments like spicy mustard… varieties of crunchy nuts … Some are wrapped in pretty gold boxes… others are presented in boxes resembling Santa or a snowman … Towers, as they call them with a variety of all of their treats… tied with pretty ribbons … The postman delivered the order I had placed today and remarked , “Someone must really like you!”… I just said, ” Thanks”, because my family had spotted those pretty red boxes and were already asking, “Did you buy any for us?…”Can we open any now?”… “Of course!”, I say…It would be torture if you couldn’t bite into one of those soft little cakes  with so much flavor… All I hear is,”YUM!”… I guess by now you are wondering or maybe you already know the name of this neat company with the enticing booklet of unforgettable goodies … It is “Swiss Colony“… and they know I’ll always be one of their best customers… at least at Christmas time! 

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