“First Footing”… New Year’s Day!

A Memory…

Do you have a New Year‘s plan? … I don’t as of now… That is subject to change though… I’m sometimes asked to babysit my Grand-kids… and really, sometimes that’s the best of times… Sometimes we go to someone’s house to play games, drink, eat… and watch the “Ball” on TV drop at midnight and sometimes we have gone to a Restaurant, a Casino or Dance… Afterwards, eating breakfast at a place we find open… All are good things to do… but, as I get older… I really don’t mind staying home and toast in the New Year with a glass of wine , kiss my husband and wish all a Happy New Year who I call or receive calls from… We used to buy fireworks on our trips to Georgia and bring them back just to celebrate New Year’s … The boys loved that!… We lit them and hollered “Happy New Year!” with the best of them… Explosions of bright colors  and booming sounds echoing through the night air… The next day being New Year’s Day…was another celebration with the traditional meal of PorkSauerkraut (cabbage) and Black Eyed Peas

Pork: Progress

Greens: Money

Beans: Money and Good Luck 

Dessert can be cake, round or circular shaped: Come Full Circle 

In Spain   12 Grapes are eaten at Midnight, representing the twelve different months of the year… One eaten on each stroke of the clock… If sweet it will be a good month… If sour or bitter maybe not such a good month… 

Scotland celebrates the New Year Day with what is calledfirst footing… The first visitor entering your home in the New Year representing the kind of year the residents will have…

When our son’s were young, their good friend… a  little boy named Brad… who lived across the street…was our first visitor for at least 5 years straight… It became a tradition in our home to watch for Brad  …and yes, the years were a little strange during that time if I recall… ups and downs… Just like a young child’s habits are… “Eerie” isn’t it?

Happy New Year Everyone! 

2 thoughts on ““First Footing”… New Year’s Day!

  1. Hello MKG,

    Thank you for a full year of wonderful BLOG stories. Each and every one of them defined your story telling abilities and talent. I’ve enjoyed getting to reconnect with you and share your life through family and friends. May your new year be one filled with good health, happiness and prosperity.

    Love & Happy New Year,

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