“A Different Kind of House Plant”

A Gift…

I can’t believe my first blog of the New year is about a Sweet Potato Vine … I’ve been growing it for about two weeks… I’ve always wanted to try it… and I can’t believe how easy it was to get started… I love watching things grow and since the “Sweet  Potato Vine” is a relative of my favorite flower, the Morning Glory … it was just meant to happen!… I also like things I can do quickly… I want to see progressive advancement… When I paint … I can usually complete an item in one day…or at least see results… which keeps me motivated… So this plant is ideal for my way of thinking!… It is visually appealing… fast growing… and will have an abundance of leaves and vines.

Growing Sweet Potatoes in Water…

Things You’ll Need…
Sweet potato – 
Glass jar – 
Toothpicks – 
Water – 


Stick three to four toothpicks into the sweet potato. For young children, an adult can stick the toothpicks in.
Insert the sweet potato into the glass jar. The toothpicks will hold the potato a few inches away from the bottom of the jar.
Add enough water to the jar so the bottom of the potato sits fully in the water.
Place the jar in the window sill or a place where it will get lots of sunshine.
Check the jar daily, adding water when needed to keep the potato bottom wet. Soon you will see sprouts forming on the bottom of the potato. These sprouts show roots beginning to emerge. In a week, you will see small leaves growing from the top.
Keep the water level the same in the jar, so the sweet potato bottom stays wet. A few days after you see the first leaves, you will see vines growing. After two to three weeks, you will have several long vines with green leaves. You can continue watering your potato as usual in the jar or transplant it into a pot with soil . Your sweet potato will continue growing into a green, leafy houseplant.

My Vine in progress…  

Just something fun, easy and pleasurable to do!

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