“Coca Cola” Night


My son has (had) a neat Coca-Cola collection of various items …Needing room and as we get sometimes, a little tired of this hobby…I’ve taken it on myself to EBAY it…It just took two days to take pictures of everything!…After you go through these items individually…you see how really neat this hobby could be…The great clock …the truck full of little coke bottles …the unusual signs …the nostalgic “Coke Ladies” …and of course the “Coca-Cola Santa … I was very young when I had my first “Coke”…They came in a six-pack of short greenish bottles that could be returned for a few cents…You actually had to use a bottle opener to open them…Of course I was “hooked”!…I don’t guess there’s a better sensation than opening up a really cold bottle of Coca-Cola and taking that first sip Coke just goes with everything!…On Friday nights my Dad would usually bring home this little six pack…with some kind of salty thing to eat…or popcorn was popped…He watched “The Fights” (Boxing ) on Friday nights…and of course that’s what we had to watch too…It was just understood…Only one TV and in black and white for quite awhile…yes, I remember my first TV experience too!…You didn’t just get to open up as many Cokes as you want as kids do today…You got one for the week and you savored it!…It made things “special” …Sitting by my Dad acting like I loved watching “boxing”…and enjoying my “Coca-Cola”…a wonderful memory!

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