“The Best Cold!”

A Memory…

Our really first snow … but, a little disappointed… I wait for it to snow here in Louisville… I know it will be in January around my birthday… Always is…But, today we just got the blowing kind of snow  with no accumulation to speak of… Just very cold and making the roads slippery… The kids did get out about two hours early … That of course makes the parents frantic in getting home or finding someone to pick them up and keep them until they can get off from work… Of course the kids love it…any time out of school is a blessing to them!… When I was young we had what you called SNOWS!”… Enough to build snowmen … enough to get the sled out … enough to have to bundle up with layers and layers of clothes, two sets of gloves, scarves wrapped around our faces and a toboggan for our heads…  Boots were rubber… and anything but, warm… just kept the wet out… So many socks pulled on you couldn’t even feel your feet… We headed for the many hills in our neighborhood… We had two great spots and the neighbors down the road had a sledding hill that surpassed all… at least it seemed huge when I was young… A little scary…with trees to go around… The bravest making the first tracks , which became more slippery with each ride down but, we all were amped up to try anything the other kids were doing… We sometimes built a fire… finding any dry twigs … permissible in those days… a place to warm our hands… We stayed until our faces were red from the cold and wind… until we couldn’t feel our feet … until we weren’t able to wiggle our fingers inside our gloves or mittens … stiff from the wet and cold… until the fire had died down and we were too cold to find anything else dry to put on it… until the sky started turning dusky   and the thoughts of hot chocolate  was sounding better and better… Time to go home… Waving good-bye and hoping tomorrow we could repeat this wonderful day!

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