Those “Diamond” Years!

The following is a post from last year…

Since then we have celebrated another year together…44 years!…

There is no gem to represent this year… no flower

The modern version of traditions for this gift giving anniversary… can you believe… is groceries“…

Now don’t get me wrong… a few staples in the house is great but, let’s get real… How do you express your love and commitment with groceries

I guess you could prepare a nice meal with the groceries…

Make out a grocery list???

Maybe go grocery shopping together… Really sounds like a blast to me…

I think I’ll just look forward to my 45th…”Sapphires”!


reposted from a blog I wrote a year ago…

On February 1st… I will have been married  to my Bobby for 43 years… This is not a year that people think of as special like your 25th Silver  or your 50thGold… The traditional gifts to be given or received for the 1st year of marriage through the 20th seem to be useful or fun things… paper … wood … flowers … pottery … lace… etc. … As we gain more years I guess we think of more expensive things… Like I said… Silver for 25th …and then there’s Pearl for 30 Coral for 35 Ruby for 40 Sapphire for 45 Gold for 50 Emerald for 60  and Diamond   for any years pass that… At one time 40 seemed a long way off… and now it has come and passed… I feel every year is special!… The earlier years of struggling… setting up housekeeping… I loved being able to decorate my first home…Learning to buy big items like cars and a home …our first car we paid cash for from the money saved while Bobby was in Viet Nam…a gold Chevrolet “Nova” with “Rally Wheels”...We were so cool! … Then starting jobs/careers… Bobby looking so hard for work after getting out of the service… finally working on fork-lift trucks for his life-long career… And I working with Special Needs Kids for 30 of those years… Getting to really know each other’s ways… Bobby being my guinea pig for my cooking … Starting a family… I remember discussing how many children we wanted to have… seemed simple enough… two kids at the most and boys it was! ha, ha!… Didn’t actually know the facts about that… Money  for food, clothing, education, trips, cars, boyfriends/girlfriends, their wants, their needs… Their marriages or decision not to marry, their personalities, their starting a family of their own … A repeat of all of the above starting over for a new generation… As we are grow older together… there are health issues, money problems, political differences, family problems, religious discussions, just everyday life in general… Happiness and sadness … Us wanting to be ourselves... being independent souls… but, knowing we are not that anymore…We are “one”… a decision we made many years ago… a decision I think about but, don’t regret… I have decided marriage for me is always having that one special person who will accept me for me!… and I him for him… It’s funny how much closer you become as the years fly by… and they do fly by… We now have three beautiful, smart and fun grandchildren… Two girls and one boy … The loves of our lives like our boys… We have become content to just be with each other under any circumstance but, have not lost the spark  we saw and felt in each other those 43 years ago when we both were young, carefree and looking for love… I’m sure glad we found each other… Looking forward to those “Diamond” years! 

6 thoughts on “Those “Diamond” Years!

  1. What a sweet post! It sounds like you have had a long and wonderful marriage, and learned to weather the ups and downs. My husband and I (30 years) had a bad year recently…I think some delayed reaction to empty nest, restless spirit, a question of “what do we want to do with this era in our lives?” and no satisfying answer. But we have recommitted to each other and are working on our plan for “next.”
    Great to read about success stories! It is inspiring and encouraging to know others have kept their commitments and have no regrets! Congratulations on your anniversary! ~ Sheila

  2. I think we will celebrate our 43rd this year, too. We tied the knot on October 35, 1969. I’m terrible with numbers, especially dates. I have been know to forget how old I am.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

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  4. Congratulations! Reading your post was almost autobiographical! (Apart from the Vietnam bit) We met in October 1966, got engaged in January 1967 and married in August 67. We’ve had happinesses and sadnesses, discussions about all that you mention and others and survived it all and are happily together. Roll on the Diamond years as you say! :)

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