“Ending With a Hug”


Another day at the “Y” … I so look forward to it now… My mind is so much more free… less stressful … and I hope my body will soon begin to show improvement too… I have lost a pound or two… actually about 5… and that’s a good thing!… I have a long ways to my goal… but, slow and sure is the way I’m going to try to do it… Like the tortoise in the story The Tortoise and the Hare“...  We all arrive with our little tote bags… towel and essentials inside… I’m using one the kids at school decorated for me forGreen DayI’ve noticed how some ladies have a light bag and some must bring their whole world with them… I kind of laugh at what women feel is necessary … I guess it depends if they are going straight home or out to eat … like many do!… Kind of defeats the purpose to me… but, maybe they’re having a light lunch … I shouldn’t judge… We are mostly 50 years or older… all shapes and sizes… but, I admire all that show up and are giving it a try!… We step into the water… sometimes really warm and sometimes a bit cool… but, immediately I feel good!… We walk around and chit-chat until our instructor shows … The young girl we had today and once before… is so sweet… getting us warmed up and then pushing us a little harder and harder… A very good work-out!… Today we tried a new trick… We have small foam kick boards… about 21″ long X 12″ wide … We have two and pushed them down into the water on each side with our hands lying flat on them and then in front of us… The resistance is amazing… My favorite part is putting them on top of each other, hands on top…  and slowly push straight out until we are stretched out on our toes … Holding this position for a minute and then we slowly push down on the boards and come back up to a standing position... a few times more and you feel so relaxed… We end with a stretching of our arms that wraps us in a hug …We can all use that!


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