Our friend, “Bun”!

 A Memory…

I probably should wait until Easter for this Blog… but, my Granddaughter Kennedy came over to spend the night… and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of her and her best friend she brought with her… Actually she brings her every time… and if not… we have had to meet my son half way to pick her up… She is not your typical friendlong-lasting for sure…but, she’s a little worn around the edges… She has long ears which at one time stood up but, now a little droopy… She was once a pretty pink color and fuzzy soft… Now, barely pink and her hair is no longer as cuddly… She lost her bow she wore around her neck many years ago… She has had many holes and been patched many times… She has had several new noses, stuffed here and there and just recently a new tail… … Her name is “Bun”…  short for Bunny… She has been in the family for about 9 years… but she is definitely Kennedy’s… She loves Bun with all of her heart!… Hugging her tight and sleeping with her head on her every night… Bun has sat at my kitchen table …slept in my bed ... and been hugged and kissed every time she has visited … We all have grown to love her!… but, never as much as Kennedy!  



One thought on “Our friend, “Bun”!

  1. Fun post! Yes, those loveable friends that get hauled around by the neck, sometimes thrown in the washing machine, and are the best sleeping buddies…where would children be without them?! ~ Sheila

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