“Cardinal” Crazy or Not?


I have a little computer room decorated with “Louisville Cardinal   wallpaper and a “few” decorative U of L items… No, I’m not one of the Cardinal’s crazy fans … I like them because they represent my city… Louisville, Kentucky … But, mainly I just love our state bird… the Cardinal!  … I found the neatest little kerosene/oil lamp today in my rummaging at my favorite thrift store… It was 25% off today… Mondays… all the time… and Thursdays if you have your special “Unique”  discount card which is free… This little lamp is 9″ tall… just right for my small black wrought iron shelf…   and decorated with a Cardinal Bird of course… It was made in Japan …”It says so on the bottom!” Brightly painted with the bird embossed on what looks like a wood stump… An amber-colored little glass chimney… Never has been used… and no chips or cracks… I feel as if I’m describing it to sell on EBAY …but, not at the moment… I think I’m keeping this little lamp for me and my “Cardinal” room for now… I did look up this little lamp on EBAY and found only one listed… It was with another one with a Blue Bird design making it a pair … Also the ones on EBAY have small shades on them… which matches the wood looking stump… Mine is missing the shade which would have been neat, but I still think mine is quite unique… If I hadn’t looked it up… I would have never known!… Just too nosey I guess!  … I did find out that these quaint miniature lamps along with other ceramic pieces were made by the company of WALES  in Japan … These stickers are rarely found on a piece… because they are so easily rubbed off… This company was trying its hand at lower cost imports… Back in the 1950’s they were not doing so well… but, later it seems we started buying these items and now think of them as quite special in their own right…  At least, I like my “Cardinal Bird”  lamp   … even if it is not complete!

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