“Baby Footprints”… I Believe They’re Mine!


I had lost my birth certificate!  … OK…I actually had misplaced it where I couldn’t find it… My husband is the organizer… but, after he organizes… I can’t find anything!… I’m not really complaining… even if it sounds like it… He’s too good at helping me to ever do that!… But…even after he said he had looked through everything… I decided I would look for myself … Do you know what that entails?… I’m sure you do!… I started looking at so many things… old pictures  … old receipts  … papers we DON”T need… poems I had written in 1983   and by the way I did find my Birth Certificate… Since it’s been around for 63 years… I surely didn’t want to lose it now… It’s in the same little blue cover… officially notarized… with my given name…. Written there like I was important!… Dated… Name of the Sister   who was the Superior of the hospital I was born in (Saints Mary and Elizabeth) and our wonderful family Doctor who delivered me… and would even make house calls many years later whenever I was sick… My little footprints and my momma’s fingerprint on the back page showing I was a female and weighed in at 8 lbs. 3 ozs. isn’t that sweet!… even if I was a “chubby wubby”!

3 thoughts on ““Baby Footprints”… I Believe They’re Mine!

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  2. Yes, very sweet! Funny how these familiar documents become part of our lives, our story, as we safeguard them and store them away so carefully that we even hide them from ourselves at times! Glad you found your birth certificate. You never know when you’ll need it. But sounds like the best part was your walk down memory lane. ~ Sheila

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