“The Spirit of God”


After looking for my lost (misplaced) Birth Certificate  I ran across some poems I had written in July 1983… 29 years ago … As you can tell … I am a keeper of “some” things … I reread them… only to change a few words… I felt inspired at that time… “Who by?”, you ask?… My LordMy Savior… My sweet Jesus … is all I can say… We were having such difficulties at that time… and it seems if you are a “Believer”… that’s when your closeness to the power you believe in becomes so relevant  … I remember not being able to sleep at night … so I would get up and on a sheet of paper jot down my thoughts… As I said… It seemed as though I had no control of the words I was writing down on paper … but, the help they gave me was tremendous!… I then typed them on an old typewriter  I had… just on notebook paper… They weren’t really for anyone but, myself… They gave me peace … and a way to cope with my consequences… As I read them this week I am “compelled” to share them now… Maybe someone will gain some strength  from the simple words of a young woman in need…

“The Spirit of God

The “Spirit of God” dwells inside,

Lying there in wait,

It came to us when “He” died,

Through “His” love , not hate.

When we give our life to save,

The “Spirit” comes alive,

It is something God gave,

Nothing we should hide.

The “Spirit” works as our guide,

Helping us through strife,

In “Him” we should abide,

Enjoying abundance of life.

We need to open up our hearts,

And let the “Spirit” in,

Never will it depart,

It’s there, instead of sin.

The “Spirit” fills with happiness,

Allowing us to care,

If only we will confess,

We’ll gain a love so rare!

Just open up our hearts to listen,

As the love of God it proves,

Left to comfort and to strengthen,

The “Spirit of God” moves.

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin “mkg”… July-1983

3 thoughts on ““The Spirit of God”

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  2. I agree, when I have felt really challenged, I feel my need for relationship with God more fully…the sad truth is that most of us seem to need troubles to really draw close to God. I’ve never understood that, but I am no different. You see this play out in the stories throughout the Bible. Thank you for sharing! ~ Sheila

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