“Answers”… Are you listening?


As I said in my previous blog … I am blog/sharing some poems  I wrote 29 years ago… I just picked one out of the little bunch of typed pages… not really looking at the dates… but, after looking at them again… evidently I felt compelled to date them … so I’m starting with the first one and blogging them in order… I seem to have had some questions about the circumstances that had been given us… my little family… I imagine I was wondering WHY?  … Have I done something I shouldn’t?… Have we not done something we needed to?…I was looking for “Answers” and so that seems to be the gist of this first try at writing poetry… and what I heard as I sat in the stillness of the night listening…


Getting “answers” today-

That should help tomorrow-

Just continue to pray

And your life will flower.

I see things more clear

Which helps make me strong

“Answers” so dear-

They keep me from wrong.

There’s no need to worry

“He” tell us this-

But, I would hurry

There’s so much to miss!

This I can tell you-

“He” loves us so much-

All you need do-

Is feel “His” touch.

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – June 26, 1983 ~mkg

3 thoughts on ““Answers”… Are you listening?

  1. I assume you found the answers you needed…you must have! Your blogs about your current life always sound so positive. I seem to go in cycles of calm/serenity, then through periods of struggle. Maybe it’s just part of the human condition! But at least by now I’ve learned to appreciate the good times, they won’t last forever; and to weather the down times without too much distress, they won’t last forever!

    Thanks for sharing your poetry! ~ Sheila

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