“Reaching Out”


I have seen God work “in mysterious ways”   as a little niece put it… I have seen Him work in such a quiet way  … that it’s done before you realize it… I have seen Him use such forcefulness  … that it takes your breath away… He sees what is needed for the situation so much clearer than us… I have learned through my relationship with my Lord that it is not as you might have wanted… It is not as you have planned… but, it is a teaching process  “He” teaches… we listen… we learn … The process of gaining knowledge  … The process of gaining wisdom … We do have to reach out… for Him to be able to help us… He’s not an intruder… but, when “He” steps in… it is miraculous!…

“Reaching Out” 

Reaching out with a helping hand-

Not knowing if it’s God’s plan

You feel their pain

As if pounding rain…

Has been laid upon you-

Wondering what to do…

The words come out-

You have no doubt…

God’s Spirit has come-

As a bee’s low hum…

Quietlysuffering eased-

As by a gentle breeze…

He’s touched someone again-

Taken them to where they’ve never been!

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 7, 1983 ~mkg

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