Easter Bunny… Where Did You Hide It This Time?


I just love to hear the chit-chat about the Easter Bunny coming… I remember getting up on Easter Sunday morning  … and beginning my hunt for my basket… sometimes homemade… and sometimes a little fancier … Now I know it as “store-bought”… I didn’t know the difference!… The “Easter Bunny”  had brought it to my house and hid it for me to find… I wasn’t really a big candy eater… jellybeans  were fine with me…but, usually there was a chocolate bunny with a name like “Hoppy” …or “Mopsy”…”Flopsy” or “Peter Cottontail“…Oh no!…I think that’s the name of the bunnies that got into Mr. McGregor’s garden in the story my Mom told me over and over … My grandchildren will get a small basket from us… Grandma and Poppy… Cute crocheted Bunny Baskets for the girls … I have had them since last season… because as you know I’m quite thrifty… and plan ahead… Carson’s is a small bucket with the cartoon characters of “Cars” on it … Some candy… this time… pastel M&M’sHair accessories and jewelery for the girls and games and a car for Carson… Since I always received a chocolate Bunny… they will be treated to the same… Theirs will be a Chocolate Bunny Sucker …so cute!…I hope they will be surprised…


7 thoughts on “Easter Bunny… Where Did You Hide It This Time?

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