“Be Careful!”


I guess I said, “Be Careful!”  to my boys 100 times as they were growing up and now I say the same thing to my Grandchildren… even my husband!  … “Be Careful” seems to cover them with protection in my eyes… I hope it makes them more aware of what is going on around them… To make good decisions … to think before they act… and be on the look out for the mistakes of others that may affect them… They just look at me and say, “OK” but, actually I think it makes them feel better too…

“Be Careful” 

Be careful to listen-

When someone asks you how?

When they have a question-

About how to pray and bow.

Be careful to tell them-

How easy it is to do-

Their eyes will open-

But, it depends on you!

Be careful to teach-

Al that you have learned-

You’ll be able to reach-

All those that are concerned.

Be careful when leading-

Someone to Christ

It’s through your pleading-

And “His” sacrifice.

Be careful to help-

And be there when in need-

Look to God up above-

“His” words you must heed.

Be careful to keep-

“His” words in your heart-

The harvest “He’ll” reap-

If “His” truths you impart.

Be careful as “He”-

With the life you live-

“He” will always be-

There to love and forgive.

Be careful with the call-

That’s been shown to you-

We’re to tell all-

Not just a few!

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 25, 1983 – mkg

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