“Believing”… Is Not Imaginary!


I find myself having more faith  every day… To believe in my Lord has become a real part of me  … I find it easier and easier to say the words…”I believe!”  … As a young Christian  we don’t want to be made fun of… ridiculed… talked about… told what we believe is just imaginary … so we shy away from what we know is the Truth and keep our saved soul to ourselves… As I get older and mature… “I am who I am”… and I know what I felt so many years ago only becomes better … becomes easier… becomes a stronger part of who I really am!… Just believing has changed me into who I am today … and I like that person!


What do you believe in?

Can you answer that?

Is it something that has been?

Or, something you’re working at.

Can you tell me what it is?

That keeps you feeling strong.-

Can the strength be “His”?

Keeping you from doing wrong.

Can you put it in a word?

Why you believe this way-

Is it something you heard?

Or, do you live it day by day.

Can your belief be called faith?

Does it have another name?

Does it give you relief?

Where is it that it came?

You found it in Jesus

Is that how it was?

“He” loves and keeps us-

And forgives us as “He” does.

Belief in the Truth-

“He” left in “His” word-

That’s written proof-

Of things you have heard.

Belief in the “One”-

Who died for us-

“His” victory has been won-

Righteously and just!

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 28, 1983 – mkg

2 thoughts on ““Believing”… Is Not Imaginary!

  1. That is just beautiful. That is your testimony. It is wonderful isn’t it. I was feeling so blue and read this and I felt the peace come over me. Love you

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