“Stand Tall”


It seems as though every time I try to pray … my mind gets distracted … It seems every time I try to tell someone about the Lord… I get interrupted … It seems when I am feeling the Spirit of God  I find myself doing or saying things I don’t want… It feels like I am being sabotaged! …This is when I know there are two forces that work in this world we live in… Good and Evil … I have come to the conclusion that this is the way for the Evilness to try to shut out the Goodness … And this is when I will have to try harderstay stronger… and lift my needs in “Prayer”  to feel the Goodness surround me and protect me…

“A Prayer” 

I come to “You” in prayer

To ask “You” many things-

Have “You” seen how we care?

How our hearts sing.

Have “You” heard our pleas for help?

Our prayers for our friends-

Have you see how we’ve felt?

Our shoulders how they bend.

Have you seen the hurt and pain?

Of “Your” people here-

Has it been all in vain?

Do you really care?

Do “You” see the hungry and the sick?

Fighting with every breath-

Are some prayers answered quick?

Is that why there is death?

Do you hear our pleas?

Our heartache and our woe?

For the lost families-

That’s why our heads bend low.

Do you see the struggle inside?

We fight it every day-

Could it be we’ve too much pride?

Can we learn as you say?

How can I learn to accept all?

With a love just like “Yours”-

How can we answer the call?

When worldly things still lure.

Will you lead us “Father”?

To do the things we could-

Help us to see farther-

Doing all that we should.

“Lord”, be with your children-

Who need to learn of you-

Keeping us from sin-

Please, be with us as we do.

Be with us every day-

Don’t forsake us now-

We’ll continue to pray

And teach our children how.

We’ll try to say thank you-

Every day that we live-

For everything “You” do-

And all that “You” give.

Just take care of us-

And forgive us one and all-

Till we learn to be just-

And as Christians we stand tall!

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 31, 1983 – mkg 

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