Acclamations of “JOY”!


Have you ever lost your JOY… I say lost…because I always FIND it again… I sometimes lose it when I’m disappointed, feeling lonely, sick, have a loss, things just not going “My Way“… I love the feeling of JOY  in my life… It makes me feel good… no other way to say it… It means everything is going in the right direction… I have found when JOY is not in my life… I seem to have tried to do things all by myself… and then I realize my “Helper” is always in my voice’s reach… So I go to my Lord in prayer  … asking forgiveness first… asking for guidance nextacting on His words that He lies on my heart and thanking Him as my JOY is returned…


There is JOY in being-

In a world like ours.

There is JOY in seeing-

It’s people and powers.

There is JOY in love-

We give one another.

There is JOY from above-

We extend to our brother.

There is JOY in our children-

Given by Him to us.

There is JOY in a friend-

Which I feel is a must.

There is JOY in speaking-

To someone of Christ.

There is JOY in seeking-

In just being nice.

There is JOY in each day-

That we spend here on Earth.

There is JOY in a sunray-

Seeing someone’s worth.

There is JOY in saddness-

Believe it or not.

There is JOY in happiness-

In everything got.

There is JOY in each night-

That sometimes we fear.

There is JOY in the light-

The sounds that we hear.

There is JOY in talking-

To someone we trust.

There is JOY in walking-

And things that are just.

There is JOY in belief-

In the “One” up above.

There is JOY in relief-

He gives through His love.

There is JOY in living-

Every day we are here.

There is JOY in giving-

To love-ones so dear.

There is JOY everywhere-

If we open our eyes.

There is JOY to care-

Learning to be wise.

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – August 8, 1983 – mkg

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