“Making Bunnies”


Tomorrow is Easter … I had wished all week that my Grandkids would come over and decorate eggs  with me… I got my wish!… Mom and Dad wanted to go out to eat with some friends …so my wish was granted!… I can only show the finished product… quite pretty… because we were so busy I forgot to take pictures during the process…. I had boiled the eggs  earlier… so they were ready… The kids put the tablets of color in 6 glasses… green, red, blue, orange, purple and yellow… I added vinegar and cold water and they stirred…  and then the dipping began… green and orange for Carson… purple and pinks for Kennedy… Being a girl… she tried to dye her’s with two colors and added stickers… Carson just prefers bright plain colors… Both are good at it!… We placed them on my “Rabbit Egg Holder” and then a walk to Wal-Mart on the path through the woods for a treat… Back at home… I proceeded to help Carson with a project for school… and then made Bunnies   out of Croissants, Peanut Butter Cups, Pink and White Marshmallows and tiny Reese’s Pieces for eyes… Quite easy and so cute… Don’t have to be perfect to make you smile when you see them… I had made place cards  for the dinner table tomorrow… The kids probably would have liked to help with that… but, I had already made them so they will have a surprise tomorrow… What a joy I feel when they are around… Happiness abounds!

One thought on ““Making Bunnies”

  1. Looks like it was a fun time for all of you! I loved dyeing Easter eggs with my kids. We used to blow the eggs out so the shells were hollow. And the benefit is you can keep the eggs from year to year. No need to toss after Easter! But either hard boiled or blown, it is still fun, and a wonderful tradition for kids! ~ Sheila

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